WhiteHat Jr Now Offers Online Music Lessons

WhiteHat Jr has already brought coding and math into thousands of children’s homes, and it now hopes to repeat the pattern with one-on-one online music training for kids.

WhiteHat Jr, owned by Byju’s, has decided to act upon the interest of its current students and add music to its online curriculum choices, according to Trupti Mukker, the company’s CEO.

The music lessons will allow students to receive music training online with their own personalized teacher. WhiteHat Jr reviewed and recently revamped it’s curriculum and is currently testing music classes to finalize plans to launch online music lessons in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.

WhiteHat Jr Now Offers Online Music Lessons

WhiteHat Jr Will Offer Music to Help Shape Kids’ Developing Minds

Whitehat Jr. believes that music, like coding, is a universal language that kids can benefit hugely from learning. According to several research studies, making music can help children learn how to make good decisions, understand math better, and learn languages more quickly. Music training can physically alter a student’s brain in beneficial ways.

The brain isn’t technically a muscle. However, learning to read music and playing an instrument can exercise the brain by creating new pathways and connections that enrich the learning experience, and not just for music.

Music training alters the physicality of the brain’s white matter, which is responsible for carrying messages throughout the brain. It also enhances the gray matter where the brain processes information. By learning music through WhiteHat Jr, students can boost their ability to engage their minds for all sorts of activities, including learning other subjects.

What Instruments Will WhiteHat Jr Teach?

In the beginning, WhiteHat Jr reviewed its capabilities and will offer guitar and piano lessons due to the international appeal of those instruments.

Music lessons can help students learn math more productively, according to a recent article in Discovery magazine. Studies suggest a correlation between high performance in music and achievement in mathematics. The dual availability of math and music on the same platform can provide consistency for children looking to build their math skills.

Music is often the first subject to receive cuts when school districts need to tighten their budgets. WhiteHat Jr will allow students to pursue their passion and pick up skills that will help them in their academic careers. Parents looking to give their children an academic boost now have access to do so online. This can save a lot of time for parents balancing jobs and families. WhiteHat Jr.’s reviewed lessons to allow students to take their classes at home and have access to teachers worldwide.

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