What You Should Know About Adoption as a Birthparent

If you have decided to put your child up for adoption to provide a better life, you are brave and selfless. This act of love and should never be seen as giving your child away, but as giving your child a gift. There are a few steps to follow after you have made a decision to provide a new home and parents for your child.

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Build Your Adoption Plan

After you have decided to place a baby for adoption California, you need to sit down with an adoption professional. This individual will discuss your decision with you and help you create an adoption plan. Adoption professionals will help you decide what type of parents and family life you want for your child. They will also help you choose what type of adoption you want and what you expect from the adoptive parents.  

Consider Your Plans

Your first step is to consider your current circumstances, including your finances and mental and spiritual health. You should also consider what you want to do after the birth of your child. Don’t forget to analyze all your assets, including anyone who loves and supports you. Consider your goals. For example, do you hope to go to school or move and start over?

After you have reviewed your future goals, take some time to analyze your adoption decision.

Choose an Open or Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, you may spend a few minutes with the baby after birth, but you don’t plan to have any further contact after the adoptive parents take the baby home. You often don’t receive very much information about the parents, including where they live.

In an open adoption, you are able to have contact with the baby and adoptive parents. You may be granted some form of visitation. Birthmothers that go through open adoptions tend to have close relationships with both the child and the adopted family. This option allows you to watch your child grow.

Review Prospective Parents

Your next step is to review the portfolios of prospective adoptive parents. The adoption agency or professional will help you search through these records and will typically prioritize those parents that meet the desires or wants you lay out in your adoption plan.

You can change your preferred parent or your adoption choice at any point in your pregnancy until the adoption is finalized. Therefore, you are not locked into your initial decision.

Adoption is a difficult choice, but if you want your child to have a life you cannot provide, contact a reputable adoption agency and learn more about the process.

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