What is Broad Spectrum CBG?

CBG or Cannabigerol is one of the many known cannabinoid compounds located in the Cannabis plant. CBG is one of the cannabinoids that potentially has a lot of advantages for neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS. CBG may also serve as a great ally in battling colitis, diabetes, and obesity. And while we now know that the components extracted from the cannabis plant can help to treat so many health issues, the options when it comes to picking the right product can be a little tricky. For instance, when it comes to full or broad spectrum CBG, which one is right for you? 

What’s Broad Spectrum CBG?

Broad spectrum is one of the three main varieties of CBD extract. Full Spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate are the three different types of CBG extract. Those are: 

  • Full-spectrum will contain most of the natural essences, such as terpenes and other cannabinoids, which will also include up to 0.3% of THC ( the psychoactive component of cannabis). 
  • Broad-spectrum CBG will have a limitation of how many components of the plant will be present, with a total exclusion of THC. Meaning that broad-spectrum CBG will be TCH-free. 
  • Isolate only carries CBG and doesn’t have any added components from the cannabis plant.

Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBG

Similar to CBD, CBG has been used to fight pain without possessing the intoxicating influence of cannabinoids such as THC. Broad-spectrum CBG products carry added compounds from the cannabis plant, such as terpenes, cannabinol (CBN), and cannabichromene. 

The biggest advantage to taking broad spectrum CBG, is to be able to benefit from what CBG can offer to your health without the effects of THC. You can check  The raw Botanics vast line of broad spectrum CBG that will help you to enjoy all the benefits of CBG safely. 

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