Ways Music Keeps You Healthy

No matter what your age, your brain can benefit from listening to and learning about music. Even if you can’t carry a tune, you can still help yourself stay healthy and fit with music. Challenge yourself to listen to a new genre of music or practice an instrument a couple of times this month.

Music Keeps You Healthy

Memory Function

Music helps your brain neurons connect and reconnect. The older you get, the fewer brain cells you have, so it’s important to keep yourself engaged. There is a reason the ABC song helped you learn your letters. Your brain is often able to process information more efficiently if there is a musical component. That doesn’t mean you have to study circle theory Rockford IL to reap the benefits. Next time you need to remember a grocery list or phone number, sing it to yourself.

Anxiety Levels

Many people listen to soothing music while they fall asleep. Musical therapy studies suggest that listening to certain types of music can lower your anxiety levels and put you in a better mood. Jazz, classical music and drumming all have been shown to help people with depression. If listening to a certain song can conjure sad memories, then the opposite is also true. Keep a playlist of songs that make you happy, and when you feel your blood pressure rising, stick with what makes you feel better.

Exercise Intensity

Research has shown that working out with music helps you exercise longer. Professional athletes often use specific songs to get pumped up before a game. Put yourself to the test. Load 30 minutes of slow songs and 30 minutes of fast-paced songs onto two separate playlists. Take two walks during the duration of the songs and see if you haven’t walked farther with the fast songs playing.

However you incorporate music into your life, you’re sure to benefit from it. There are plenty of studies that tout the positives of learning and listening to music. You don’t need to become a professional musician or even sing in key to profit from the notes.

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