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Types of Tongs

The custom tongs, on top of adding beauty to your kitchen, also brings comfort and convenience. Purchasing already made kitchen tools is the best option to meet the decoration requirements and the theme of your kitchen. The layout of your kitchen determines the selection of the customized tools. The customization of kitchen tools plays a connecting task between the kitchen tools and the room. A tong is an essential tool in any kitchen. From turning and flipping to plating and serving, below are some kinds of tongs:


The most commonly versatile and used tong type. The tongs are ideal for turning and flipping foods while handling hot food from the grill or oven and removing ready foods from hot water. The tongs can adopt a spring-loaded technique for ease while using it and locking for ease during storage. When using plastic, ensure the tongs can withstand high heat to avoid burning or melting. The utility tongs vary in length and size. The short tongs are for plating and serving foods, while the longer ones are mostly used when operating an open flame to protect your hands from getting burnt.

Plating and serving

Scissor style, salad, and buffet tongs are the three popular types of tongs used for serving. The tongs can be made of wood, plastic, or bamboo. The buffet tongs have a scalloped or triangular tip to make it simple to pick and serve different kinds of foods available. The majority of the salad tongs either have a spoon tip or fork tip. This is to efficiently facilitate the serving and transfer of delicate mixed salads and vegetables. Scissors tongs are made to open and close the arms to have the grip of items that may be bulky, like corn on a cob or baked potatoes.

Common ways of using tongs in the kitchen

Other uses of tongs such as the serving tongs include transferring slippery noodles, the styling of food in fine dining food joints and restaurants or during a photography shoot, and the placement of ice cubes in a drink. Wooden or bamboo custom tongs are for retrieving bread from the pop-up toaster or oven.

Due to its functions, the serving tongs are made of materials that can withstand heat. The majority of the tongs are safe to wash using the dishwasher unless the tongs are designed to be compostable, recyclable, or disposable. If your bamboo or wood tongs can no longer function or are damaged, take them to a processing facility rather than store them at home as compost. The majority of the plastic tongs can be washed and reused until the tongs are damaged but cannot be recycled.

Tongs are an important and basic kitchen basic tool. Having a well-functioning pair can help you do a lot of tasks in your kitchen. Tongs can be used to extract juices from fruits by applying a twisting movement to extract the juice. If you are looking for a way to open your bottle in the absence of a bottle opener in your home, tongs will serve the purpose. For some people, tongs are beneficial in reaching out to lightweight and small items from the cabinet.

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