Types of locks for your safe at home or office

There is nothing as crucial as your home security. This is the place that you consider safe for your valuable documents, cash, or jewelry. However, sometimes the house is usually one step away from fire, floods, or sometimes burglary. Having a tight and secure place for valuables that are difficult to replace is not such a bad idea, especially in neighborhoods prone to such accidents. Most time, people think there is nothing more to a safe than a thin metal box. However, to know the best safes for your home or office, it is best to consult experts in security locks such as those from safes Denver. Wall safes are mostly permanent and are for storing items such as guns and cash, while floor safes best for portables items. Since fire accidents are rampant in recent years, it is best to have a fireproof safe to protect your irreplaceable documents such as title deeds and marriage certificates. Depending on the types of security you want, there are various locks that you may want to consider. These include;

Number combination safe

These types of locks are usually opened with codes of about 4 to eight digits in length. This type of safe is very important as you don’t have to worry about a person having access to your valuables since you have memorized the numbers. Moreover, you can change the numbers to make them easier to memorize. However, the disadvantage is that it is possible to forget the combination sometimes. There are two types of number combination safes; mechanical and electronic number combination locks. In ELOs, the number is more straightforward, while in mechanical lock combination, the numbers have to be aligned in three number discs in a certain sequence to lock or unlock them. However, the electronic is highly recombined among the two as it is easier to use since it like using a keypad or a telephone. The codes can also be programmed for few more users. It is possible to have dual control with the electronic combination lock. 

Double-bit security lock

This is one of the common locks in many safes. The safes are fitted with a double-bit lock and have at least two keys. Only a few people with the keys have access to the safe. It is easier to use this safe because you have no code combination to remember but only keeping your keys safe away from unauthorized parties.  

Biometric locking system 

Items that require much tighter security, such as guns, are best locked in biometric fingerprint locking systems that are VDS certified. It gives easy access to the user simply by placing their finger on an integrated fingerprint scanner. Since each fingerprint is unique, a person other than the authorized can’t access the valuables inside. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about a key or memorize a code to access the safe. Another such system is the retina biometric scanner, where your eye retina is scanned to gain access to the vault.

Consulting some best lock security experts is a smart move, especially when you want to upgrade, replace or repair.