The Fit Adventurer: How to Stay Fit While Traveling

The Fit Adventurer: How to Stay Fit While Traveling


If you find yourself traveling 75 percent of the time, that gym membership at home may not be the best use of your money. Since you are most likely traveling for business, you will find that adding those inches to your waistline happens so fast.

Since the weight gain hits you faster than you can imagine, you cannot overlook your health and weight even when in transit. Just like CRA payroll penalties, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

So, how do you stay fit when on the move?

  1. Travel with your workout equipment

The basics. Slider disks, jump ropes, and resistance bands are compact and portable workout tools. Water bottles can replace weights. These simple tools ensure that you put in some work, every moment you find. Running shoes and workout clothes are also essential, especially for runs.

  1. Stay active wherever you go

Working out when traveling doesn’t always mean finding a gym. Unless you are staying in the country or state for months, you can break a sweat by exploring the place. Ride a bike, go for walks or join a local hiking group (you can also hike alone, as long as other people know where you are).

At the park, you could engage in strength exercises. If you don’t know your way around the city, yet, use Google Maps or ask a resident at the place you are staying.

  1. Watch what you eat

Even when in touring a place, you should watch what you eat, as long as you want to stay fit. Note that diet determines 80 to 90 percent of how you look and feel. An unhealthy diet will result in weight gain. So, to keep the weight off, and to avoid crash diets or depression, watch what you eat.

Eat real food and avoid liquid calories, stop overreliance on calorie counting, and do the best you can. Eating food that keeps you full for longer is essential. So, eat more of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Reduce intake or potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread. In other words, stick to the paleo diet.

Paleo diet is also called the caveman’s diet. It involves eating just what you have around you. But, that doesn’t mean eating processed foods. Identify balanced meals native to the place you are visiting and dig in.

Ensure that every meal has a protein source and a vegetable source.

  1. Party mindfully

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Perhaps, that is one way of thinking about it. When traveling, you might want to experience the nightlife in the city you visit. However, be careful about how much you drink, and how frequently you drink. If you have to drink, drink moderately. Avoid cocktails, sip wine and liquor slowly (don’t mix), and drink light beers in moderation. You also need to drink water in between every drink.

  1. Explore

Besides exploring the delicacies available, you also need to explore local cultures and activities native to the region. You might learn how to tango just by exploring an Argentinian city. Surf if in Hawaii and dance along to the local songs.

Lastly, swim.


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