The Different Types of Producers

The producer is one of the most important people on a film. Just about everyone knows famous producers like Heather Parry, George Lucas, and Martin Scorsese. What many people don’t know is that there is often more than one type of producer working on a film. Here are X of the different types of producers.


The producer is the visionary of the film. This producer has an idea and works to turn that idea into a script. In many cases, the producer will hire a writer to help extract the vision from their mind and get it onto paper.

Executive Producer

The executive producer is typically the financier of the project. In most cases, the executive producer isn’t involved in any of the technical aspects of the film but may raise a significant portion of the film’s funds or put up the funds themselves.


The co-producer generally works directly under the producer or executive producer. He or she oversees the film from the very beginning through post-production. The co-producer may assist with finances, casting, and other crucial tasks of the film’s creation.

Associate Producer

An associate producer may be someone who handles certain aspects of the film’s production as assigned by the producer. In other cases, the title of the associate producer may be given to someone who has backed the film but hasn’t played any significant role (or any role at all) in producing the film.

Line Producer

The line producer is the person who takes care of the physical aspects of a film’s production but isn’t involved in making creative decisions. He or she oversees the budget and daily activities to ensure that the film stays on target.

Producers are an integral component of any film. Not all films have all types of producers. Some producers fill multiple roles, while other films have at least a few different types of producers to spread out the work and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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