Simple Tips to Crop a Video More Effectively

Cropping a video can be a powerful way to alter and edit it. By removing a section of the video adjacent to its frame you will be able to reframe the video and adjust its overall composition.

If you want to crop a video more effectively however, there are a few simple tips that you should always try to use:

  • Use the right aspect ratio

Cropping and removing part of the video is all well and good, but the new frame needs to have the right aspect ratio. Ideally you should define the aspect ratio that the video is going to be displayed in, and base the frame that you crop to on it.

If required you could use an aspect ratio calculator to identify the resolution that you want your video to have.

  • Do not over-crop the video

Remember that when you crop your video you are removing that part of it, and effectively reducing the video’s resolution. If you over-crop the video and remove too much it can visibly affect the video quality and make it look low definition.

If you feel you are going to need to crop your video extensively, you should consider recording in a higher resolution. For example if you need to create a 1080p video you could record in 4K and won’t have to worry much about over-cropping.

  • Turn on the grid

The standard 3×3 grid that you can enable on your editor can act as a useful guide when you crop your videos. It will let you apply the rule of thirds to position the subject and elements and create a more balanced composition.

Admittedly there are other composition techniques that you can use when you crop your video – but few are as easy as the rule of thirds.

  • Leave the right amount of head room

Essentially head room is the amount of space between the subject’s head and the top of the frame. It is important, as if there isn’t enough head room your entire video could look crammed, whereas if there is too much it will look as though the subject is sinking.

Learning how to crop a video effectively should be easy enough if you use the tips listed above as a guide. To actually crop your video you can use any editor or tool, such as Movavi Video Editor for example.

Make no mistake by improving your ability to crop videos you’ll be able to edit them far more effectively and resize them to suit your needs. All it takes on your part is knowing what needs to be done, and a bit of practice to make sure you can pull it off.

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