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What Options Do You Have To Pay College Tuition

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Going to college is an incredibly exciting time for any student looking to further their education and one day hope to nail down a successful career. It is not just the learning that students will look forward to but also the social side of going to college and the life skills which they will learn as a result of this once in a lifetime experience. Excitement for college can often be dampened however when they see how much tuition fees cost and it seems as though each year they are rising higher. If you are looking at going to college and not sure how to pay for it, here are some of the options available to you.


If you have outstanding academic, artistic or athletic ability then you could look at doing what my buddy Mack Prioleau did and get yourself a scholarship for your college education. Each college will reserve some free positions in their school which they will give to some of the highest performing candidates around the country. This could be as a result of being a star basketball player, an outstanding artist or someone who is considered to be one of the most intelligent at their school. If you fall into this category then you will need to apply for a scholarship and if you are accepted then you can count on free education thanks to your gifts.

Student Loan

Nt everyone is talented enough to get a scholarship and for the rest of the students out there looking to go to college, a student loan is the route which most will take. Many do not like the idea of taking out a student loan to pay for their college tuition because it will see them graduate from college with a degree in one hand and a heavy debt in the other before they have even started working. Thankfully, the terms of the loan are very agreeable and you will not pay anything back unless you are working and earning a certain amount of income. Once you are earning the required amount, the student loans company will automatically deduct a small percentage of your salary until the loan is paid back.


If you are doing from a position of financial hardship then you could be in line for a grant or a bursary which will cover all or some of the costs of your college education. In order to get such funding you will need to apply and show evidence of your and your family’s economic position. There is only so much money which can be given out in this way and because of this there is no guarantee that you will be accepted for a grant, regardless of your circumstances. The best way to secure this type of funding is to apply as early as possible and ensure that all of your details about your financial situation are accurate.

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Lloyd Claycomb – How to do drywall properly

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Whether you are re-doing the walls in a place you bought, or you are building your dream home from the ground up, knowing how to install drywall is a vital skill that will save you money and help to speed the process along.
Don’t be intimidated by this part of the building process – with a few key steps, anyone can learn how to do it.
One of Colorado’s most successful construction CEOs was a drywall rookie just like you until he discovered it was such a simple task, he knew he could make a business out of it.
Lloyd Claycomb has made a name for himself in the Denver construction industry by building up United Builders Service into one of the most prolific drywall installing companies in the area.
He did that by building a great deal of trust with clients by ensuring that they got things right the first time.
While you will be doing this job yourself, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of time by learning how to do drywall properly. This article will aim to educate you on this subject.

1) Gather the tools and materials you’ll need

Before you can apply drywall to the ceiling and walls of your home, you’ll need to bring together the required supplies.
Aside from the sheets of drywall themselves, you’ll need a square, a knife, and a saw specifically designed for this task, as well as special tape, screws, and the mud that will hold the sheets together.
A mud pan and a paper taper will be necessary for this job as well, so don’t forget them when you are at the hardware store.

2) Measure the area

Once you have all your supplies on hand, get out your tape measure so you’ll know how many panels you’ll need to buy.
Attach fasteners to the walls and ceiling where the plates of drywall will go, as this will make it easier for them to stay in place when installed.
When you get the drywall, you may need to cut them into smaller pieces to fit leftover areas that can’t accommodate a full sheet. Measure out where you’ll need to cut, and then slice it using your drywall knife.

3) Screw the drywall panel into a joist

Start with the ceiling panels, then move on to the walls immediately afterward. When you are in the process of hanging them, make certain that the edge of the sheets are positioned over a joist or a stud, as these make for good anchors, which will make your wall/ceiling stronger.

Be sure to use a drywall bit to screw the sheet into the stud/joist, but don’t go too fast when installing them, as the sheets can be damaged easily.

4) Apply mud to the drywall panels on the wall

Once your panels have all been secured, apply mud to their exterior. This will create a surface that will make applying texture and paint much easier.

5) Tape over the joints

The last important job of the process, taping joints will protect these connection points from external exposure, while making for a more aesthetic pleasing wall. Be sure to complete this task before the mud dries to avoid issues.


Lloyd Claycomb II – What Characteristics Do You Need to be a Great Leader

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Throughout the world there are many great leaders, these are the people like Barrack Obama whose leadership skills took him to the Presidency and business leaders like Lloyd Claycomb II and Richard Branson who have a level of strength in leadership that has taken them to the top of the business world in their positions as CEOS. Whether or not you have lofty ambitions of taking up roles such as the people above or not, leadership skills can greatly help you in many walks of life and if you are not blessed with natural leadership ability, it will be important that you understand what characteristics leaders possess in order to improve on your own skills.


At the head of every successful team on the planet is a leader who shows unequalled commitment and dedication to what they are doing and if you want to improve your leadership skills then this should be at the root of all that you do. It is imperative that leaders are an example to the rest of their team and for that reason, giving any less than 110% is simply not acceptable.


One of the key roles of a leader is to be able to engage and motivate those who are under their charge. This is not as easy as it sounds as each and every person is different in terms of what it takes to motivate and inspire them. The very best leaders have a good understanding of how to motivate each member of their team and give them the belief to work to the best of their ability.


Leaders must have excellent communication skills in order to better do their job and they should have the ability to speak with people of all levels and still make themselves clear. Communication skills are about more than landing your message in a clear and concise manner, they are also about being able to listen, whether it be someone who has a great idea, some who requires some empathy or someone that is trying to give advice, a great leader knows when to listen as well as how and when to speak.


People must look to a leader as being firm and fair and with this comes the need for consistency, if a leader is giving out discipline then they must be fair across the board, and the same when they are giving praise. Equally, a leader must be consistent in their approach and with their levels of commitment so as best to inspire and drive their team.

Forward Thinking

The very best leaders are the ones which always have one eye on the future and can creatively lead their team forward. Being forward thinking can help leaders to not only prepare for any problems which may arise in the future but also so that they can take their team to the next level.


Why startups succeed: three areas you need to focus on now

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Recently, it has been shown that getting a job with a corporation is no longer the way to achieve economic security and prosperity in a 21st century world.
Nobody holds a single job over an entire career anymore, with even the best performers being laid off should the stock price of a company plunge too far.
It is much safer starting your own business these days; all it takes is an idea with traction, and you have control of your life back.
John Bradberry Charlotte NC knows all about this, as he knows what it is like launching companies. What’s more, he has provided guidance to numerous entrepreneurs over the years.
What does it take for startups to succeed today? We are sure John would concur with the tips we will mention in the article below.

1) Focus

Entrepreneurs often juggle multiple potential business ideas, as they are unsure whether some will pan out over time.
While this approach provides a modicum of security in the mind of the founder, it inevitably divides their attention, making it tough for specific initiative to get the traction it needs to become a self-sustaining business.
Pick one idea and run with it. This way, you’ll be able to give all your mental energy to it, increasing your chances of long-term success.

2) Market research

We all want to make money as fast as possible, but some make the mistake of quickly analyzing an industry, finding deficits within it, and throwing themselves into it with no regard for other factors.
Doing this without a proper understanding of the niche in which you are operating will likely lead to a product that sits on a shelf gathering dust.
Calm your impulse to fire before aiming and deeply research the field in which you are about to work. After doing three to four solid weeks of homework on your target market, your chances of dominating will be much higher than your competition.

They are like you were: as they jump into a ‘lucrative’ pond without thinking at all about the minute factors, you’ll attack it with the efficiency of a piranha, leaving little else for those in your wake.

3) A business plan

Some think business plans are dead, a relic of the old era of brick and mortar business. After all, crowdfunding has made it so that you don’t have to beg for money from banks or venture capitalists, so why bother?
Because having a road map that details the workings of your business will guide your decisions day-to-day, making your life much simpler.
Describing what your business accomplishes, target demographics, what specific employees do, and how much things cost will help inform choices that you make for the business, both big and small.
If you decide you do need the assistance of a VC, you’ll also have a clear diagram of your company, making it more likely they will help you out with a significant injection of cash.


How to Improve Your Football Game

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If you have dreams of one day playing ball at the highest level and turning yourself into the next legend of American Football like Jack Elway, Dan Marino and Tom Brady then you need to be in a constant state of improvement. There is no finished article in this game and you will need to put in the work every step of the way to make sure that you are always improving and always striving for the next level.

If you are looking to improve your football game, either to reach the top or just for personal growth then here are some ways in which you can do so.

Nail a Position

Being a jack of all trades on the football field will not help you long term and it is important that you not only decide upon a position but perfect it. This will be largely dictated by what kind of size and shape your body is and what kind of natural skills you possess. If you are in any doubt as to what your best position is then speak to your coach and take their advice. After deciding on a position you can focus all of your energy and efforts into being the best in that position that you can possibly be.

Become a Student

Football is about far more than just playing the game, you also need to gain a deep understanding for the sport and for this reason you should be studying plays and films to strengthen your knowledge. When it comes to perfecting your position, the best way to do so is to watch those who do it best and learn from them. Focus on the player who is in your position, watch how they move and when, how they influence the game and what they do both with and without the ball.

Get in Shape

Natural talent means nothing if you are not in peak physical condition and in order to improve, you first need to address you physique. You should be eating and exercising in exactly the right way to get the best from your body and there are no days off or moments where you do not need to be thinking about what you are doing with your body.

Game Time

Practice is most definitely important and it is there that you will learn techniques and skills which you will use throughout your football career. In spite of this, there is nothing better than getting game time under your belt to truly understand what you are made of as a footballer and you need to be doing all that you can to get that important time in a game. If you feel that you are working hard enough but not getting the breaks then you need to be speaking to your coach, working on your weaknesses or even changing teams, whatever it takes to get that game time, once you have it, make it count.