Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Adult Children in the New Year


When your kids grow up, it’s challenging to find family activities that everyone can appreciate. Instead of spending time around the house with your loved ones when they’re preoccupied with devices, you can grab your family and head outdoors. Hiking, target shooting and hunting are only a few of the exciting adventures you can experience with your adult children.


You may have gone camping with your family when your kids were younger, but hiking may have been too strenuous for the little ones. Although an extended hiking trip is excellent when you have vacation time, you can plan a day trip on the weekend at a nearby state park or public hiking area. You don’t have to pack too much for a day trip but remember to bring plenty of water, snacks, first aid and a mobile phone for emergencies.

Target Shooting

Another excellent activity to plan with your family is a trip to the gun range. If you intended to go to an outdoor area to shoot and the weather ruined your journey, you can travel to a public range or gun club if you have a membership. Indoor ranges often hold special events and shooting contests that you can enter with your loved ones. For shooting contests, you can outfit your family with a few competition holsters to shoot like professionals.


Depending on the time of year, you can take a trip with your family into the wilderness to go hunting. If your loved ones are skilled with standard firearms and want to try a different form of hunting, you can go bow hunting or try hunting with traditional weapons during black powder season. Teaching your kids the time-honored skill of hunting game is an incredible experience that you’ll always treasure.

Although it may seem difficult to plan excursions with your adult kids, you can use the previous tips to spend quality time with the family away from digital distractions.

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