How To Plan a Great Family Reunion

Do you look forward all year to your family reunion? Do you love spending time with loved ones you haven’t seen all year but wish that the gathering wasn’t always the same? Instead of doing the same gathering at a park or a family member’s house, change it up and do something different. Here is how you can plan a fantastic family reunion. 

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Change the Location

Just because you have a lot of people getting together doesn’t mean that you can’t do something fun. For your next reunion, do something more interesting like visiting the zoo or aquarium or spend the day at the beach. You can let people break off into smaller groups and do their own thing for a few hours before everyone meets back up for lunch. 

If you choose to go somewhere that charges an admission fee, make sure you call ahead to find out if you can get a discount on tickets. Many places offer significant discounts when you come in with large groups. Make sure everyone in your family knows to be at the location at the same time to ensure you get the discount. 

Design Special T-Shirts

When you have large numbers of family members together, you want to make everyone easy to identify in public settings. You can do this by designing unique t-shirts for each family member to wear. Choose a bright, fun color and design a funny, unique picture or saying for the back. You can work with a T-Shirt company to help finalize and print your design. Not only will your family love them, but they’ll also have a special memento for years to come.

Cater The Food

Making a potluck lunch is always nice to help reduce the strain of having a few people do the cooking, but you likely get tired of eating your grandma’s famous mashed potatoes every year. Take the stress off of everyone by choosing to have the food catered by a local restaurant. Choose a restaurant where everyone can find food they love and want to eat.

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