How to Improve Your Football Game

If you have dreams of one day playing ball at the highest level and turning yourself into the next legend of American Football like Jack Elway, Dan Marino and Tom Brady then you need to be in a constant state of improvement. There is no finished article in this game and you will need to put in the work every step of the way to make sure that you are always improving and always striving for the next level.

If you are looking to improve your football game, either to reach the top or just for personal growth then here are some ways in which you can do so.

Nail a Position

Being a jack of all trades on the football field will not help you long term and it is important that you not only decide upon a position but perfect it. This will be largely dictated by what kind of size and shape your body is and what kind of natural skills you possess. If you are in any doubt as to what your best position is then speak to your coach and take their advice. After deciding on a position you can focus all of your energy and efforts into being the best in that position that you can possibly be.

Become a Student

Football is about far more than just playing the game, you also need to gain a deep understanding for the sport and for this reason you should be studying plays and films to strengthen your knowledge. When it comes to perfecting your position, the best way to do so is to watch those who do it best and learn from them. Focus on the player who is in your position, watch how they move and when, how they influence the game and what they do both with and without the ball.

Get in Shape

Natural talent means nothing if you are not in peak physical condition and in order to improve, you first need to address you physique. You should be eating and exercising in exactly the right way to get the best from your body and there are no days off or moments where you do not need to be thinking about what you are doing with your body.

Game Time

Practice is most definitely important and it is there that you will learn techniques and skills which you will use throughout your football career. In spite of this, there is nothing better than getting game time under your belt to truly understand what you are made of as a footballer and you need to be doing all that you can to get that important time in a game. If you feel that you are working hard enough but not getting the breaks then you need to be speaking to your coach, working on your weaknesses or even changing teams, whatever it takes to get that game time, once you have it, make it count.

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