How To Find a Voice Actor for Your Project

commercial voice over

Everyone knows the great voices of our time. Even without seeing his face, you’ll recognize the soothing tones of Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough. Your business project probably doesn’t need the name recognition that comes with famous actors or broadcasters; you need someone to give your project a professional sound. Whether you’re producing an audiobook, a commercial or video games, finding the right voice actor is the key to your project success. Here are two tips on finding the right actor for your needs.

Search For a Voice

Like every other service profession, voice actors have gone digital. Search for a commercial voice over actor and you’ll find several highly rated sites. It will also lead you to individual actors with CVs. Sites like Voices, Voices123 and Fiverr allow you to search voice clips or post jobs asking for potential applicants. 

Other options include checking with your local radio and TV station to get recommendations for whom they use or asking other people in your field.

Track Down Who You Want

If you’ve listened to the latest ad for Morgan Stanley or Mercedez Benz and know that voice is a good fit for your project you can find your voice with a bit of sleuthing. Search for the name of the company and add the search term “voice actor.” Your first page of results will include several actors that have worked for the company and you can check their audio clips until you find the one you’re looking for.

Remember to listen to several options and make sure your choice fits your brand image. A voice actor will be able to provide different cadences and intonations so it’s important you know if you’re looking for deeper and confident, nurturing and soothing, or something in between. With your goals in mind, you’ll easily find the perfect actor for your project.