How to Create Your Company’s New Promotional Video

Making a promotional video is a great way to spread the word about your company. Follow these steps to create a professional-quality video while abiding by all copyright laws.

New Promotional Video

Write Your Script and Storyboard

No matter how short your video is, create a script and storyboard so that everyone involved knows what your plan is. You can let your employees speak spontaneously, but keep track of when each clip takes place within your video. If you do choose to script your entire production, be sure to avoid plagiarism. Never use someone else’s language without their express knowledge and permission. If you don’t like writing, feel free to hire a freelance writer, but don’t forget to give him or her credit at the end. 

Choose Your Music

Unless you have a specific reason for creating a video without music, you should have a soundtrack. This helps make clips without dialogue interesting rather than awkward and creates a professional atmosphere. You can compose and record the music yourself if you have the skills, but there’s nothing wrong with using someone else’s music. Just make sure to follow the rules regarding sync licensing Los Angeles

Film Your Show

Once you have the behind-the-scenes work done, it’s time to film your show. Make sure everyone in the shot knows that you’re filming, and ensure that nothing inappropriate makes it into a video.

Edit Your Clips

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together. Using video editing software such as iMovie, put your clips in the correct order. Take out or trim scenes where people made mistakes, add in subtitles or title slides, and insert your music tracks. Finally, save your movie so that you can export it to your marketing team.

To increase your sales and boost morale within your company, try making a promotional video today.

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