How To Choose the Safest Bug Spray for Pets

Getting rid of mosquitoes and ticks without leaving your yard keeps you safe and helps protect your pet. Unfortunately, there isn’t a super-effective way to do that without using bug spray. Before you use any bug spray, here are a few things to consider to choose the safest bug spray for your pets.

pet safe bug spray

Know The Active Ingredients in Your Bug Sprays and How They Work

The two most common bug sprays are synthetic chemicals and natural ingredients. The main thing to remember with any spray is that once it’s on something, you’re stuck with it for a few days. In other words, whatever you put on your pets will be staying there for a while – so make sure that whatever chemical or natural ingredient you choose doesn’t have any negative effects on them.

Choose A Bug Spray with Minimal Ingredients

Chemical-based bug sprays tend to have more chemicals than natural ones. The fewer chemicals there are in something, the better it usually is for you (and your pets). So before buying any bug spray, please do some research on its ingredients and how safe they are. Also, check out websites that rate chemical sprays based on their safety levels.

Look For a Spray-On Repellent with All-Natural Ingredients

Several brands make natural bug spray with no chemicals whatsoever, which makes them very safe for you and your pets. Remember that pet safe bug spray doesn’t include any harsh chemicals; they can take longer to work, especially if it’s windy outside. If you’re looking for a bug spray that works quickly and works well, you might want to stick with the natural sprays.

Check Out Other Products Designed Specifically for Pets

Bug collars aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they’re still a great way to keep insects away from your pet’s face and nose. In addition to bug collars, some other products are designed specifically for pets that repel bugs, such as shampoos, wipes, or oils you can apply on their fur directly.

So those are several things to consider when choosing the safest bug spray for your pets. Remember, once it’s on them, it will stay there for a few days. So, choose something that won’t negatively affect them and doesn’t consist of harsh chemicals whenever possible.

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