How to Bag The Cheapest Flights Available

I rack up a fair few miles each year thanks to the amount of travel that my colleague Matthew F Knouff and I do for our business. As much as we do need to travel a great deal, we are always keen on keeping the cost of travel down to a minimum and that means seeking out the cheapest flights possible. Throughout the years I have managed to find the perfect strategy for low cost flights and I wanted to share with you exactly how I go about it so that you too can save some money when you are booking your next flights.

Best Websites To Use

I always book online and I never use airlines directly as these rarely offer the best prices. Instead I like to use 2 websites which I have found to be the best available. The first website which I check is SkyScanner, a fantastic app which searches throughout the internet to find the very best prices from both airlines and third party sites. What I love about this site is that you can use a range of filters to ensure that you get the lowest price out there, you can even use it to search for one way and multi-city options. The second site which I will use is Momondo, this does exactly what SkyScanner does but occasionally finds the odd flight which the other has not yet found.

Credit Card Rewards

Credit cards make so much sense to use if you are looking to save money on your flights. There are many credit cards which have a rewards program that will give you air miles for every dollar that you spend. You can save up these miles over time and then use them on your next flight. With this in mind, I use my credit card all of the time and then settle the balance at the end of each month. Just last week I was able to take 2 internal flights in the US for absolutely nothing because I had accrued so many points which I could use.

Connect and Save

If you don’t have a particular urgency to get to your destination, why not look at the possibility of using a couple of different flights to get there? Very often you can find that if you connect once or twice in different cities, that you can bring the overall cost of your flights right down. I like to always check on the website Kayak to find the best connecting flights and very often they overall flight time will not be much different from the direct option, but the prices could be as much as 50% cheaper. Connecting can be a bit of a pain as you have to switch flights and you could have some layovers in an airport but if you are looking at keeping the cost of your flights down to a minimum, this is a great option for you.

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