How Can a CBD Oil Company for Dogs Legally Operate?

A lot of people wonder at how it is possible for a CBD oil company for dogs to operate legally. This is because there is still such a lack of understanding of what CBD oil actually is. People believe that CBD oil and cannabis are one and the same thing but that isn’t true. Cannabis also contains THC, which is intoxicating and, some belief, addictive. Needless to say, because dogs cannot give consent, it would not be acceptable for them to be given cannabis. However, this is not what CBD oil is.

What a CBD Oil Company for Dogs Does

There have been thousands of studies that demonstrate the health benefits associated with CBD oil. The vast majority of those have now shown that using the oil is incredibly safe, even when taken for extended time periods and at a high dosage. However, it slows down liver enzyme activity, which means it is recommended that you speak to your holistic veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil if they are also on any prescription medication. That is because it might be more difficult for them to metabolize their prescription drugs.

Generally speaking, CBD oil comes from hemp oil. This means it does not contain THC or at least not to an amount that can have any kind of impact. It is for this reason that all 50 states in this country have approved using CBD products, so long as they are hemp based, for both animal and human products. What this means is that a CBD oil company for dogs operates completely within the realms of the law.

As a responsible dog owner, you really need to ask yourself why you would not give your dog CBD oil if they are becoming ill or infirm. There are countless benefits to doing so and your dog will be giving a true new lease of life in which they can once again be comfortable and happy. The health benefits are so diverse that almost every condition associated with animal health can be treated. Not just that, there have been very few noted side effects other than an increase in appetite, which is usually a good thing in older dogs.

How to Find a Good CBD Oil

It is, naturally, very important that you choose a good quality product if you are going to give it to your dog. What you should look for includes:

  1.  That you use an organic product so that it does not contain any solvents, fungicides, or pesticides.
  2.  That you get what you pay for. There are many very cheap CBD oils on the market, and they tend to be of very cheap quality as well.
  3.  That you should request your chosen CBD oil to be lab analyzed so that you know exactly how much CBD it actually contains.
  4.  That you should consider purchasing CBD oil in tincture form as that is much easier to supply to your dog at the right dosage.

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