Gary Friedman’s Top Tip When Looking For Home Furnishings

When you want to go for a brand new look or you just want to make some modifications, it is important to know what you are doing. According to Gary Friedman, Restoration Hardware Co-CEO, the most important thing that you need to remember is that you always need to have a plan. This is actually great advice for everything we do in life but you will be surprised to notice how many do not actually plan as they go out shopping. This can only lead to huge problems in the long run.

Obviously, not all plans are great. Because of this, Gary Friedman also talks about some of the main things that you want to take into account as you make your new plan.

Get Measurements Right

The most important thing is to catalog your room and measure everything in it. You want to know the space you have available and the dimensions of everything you are about to add or you already have inside. When you plan to add some items to your rooms, having a layout of what is already present is going to help you to choose great home furnishings. This advice is great for everything from furniture to artwork.

Consider Using A Theme

Home décor themes are very useful for absolutely all that do not have much interior design experience. If you have a theme in your head, it is easier to find the furnishing items that are actually going to match. This also saves a lot more time than you would imagine since matching furnishings without a theme is not at all easy to do.

Don’t Forget About The Local Furnishing Stores

Many homeowners look online and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There are countless sites that give you great deals but you might miss out on some that are available much closer to you than what you imagine.

There are different reasons why you should check the stocks of local furnishing stores. What we should highlight is that when you find discounts prices are much lower than expected and even when there are no discounts, negotiations can take place. You might also be able to order something specific at a discount because of the deals that are available through the retail store.

Garage Sales Should Be Considered

Some of the very best deals you could find are available at garage sales. You want to look at listings for them and see when they are announced. The garage sales are particularly useful when you are looking for vintage items. You can locate some wonderful gems there.

See What You Could Recondition

There are many items in your home that you can actually recondition instead of buying something new. This is definitely something that you want to take into account since prices would be a lot lower than what you would have to pay in the event you bought something new. Most of us have something in our garages or attics that we forgot about.

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