Drinks You Can Find In Tequila Mockingbird

Having a well blended beverage after a long day of work can help someone relax and let go of stress. For those who enjoy reading best selling and classic novels, there are many fun drink recipes in the book Tequila Mockingbird. They take simple ingredients that are easily available at the store. Here are a few concoctions that should be sampled soon. 

Tim Federle


This drink, which is part of the book authored by Tim Federle, is dedicated to Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. The recipe is found in the section dedicated to women and involves tequila and lime to create the popular drink. It also led to the title of the sequel to Tequila Margarita which offers even more drinks names from classic literature. The formula is displayed with an attractive illustration and amusing text that coordinates with the ingredients. The beverage can be prepared in a glass designed for it or even a plastic cup normally meant for beer and soft drinks. This is a great treat to serve to visiting friends when they come to dinner and accompanies spicy food well. 


The recipes in this book cater to men as well. One selection, The Last Of the Mojitos, uses mint, soda, lime, and rum to create the concoction. Based on the classic novel, Last Of the Mohicans written by James Fenimore Cooper, it gives a unique twist on the sophisticated drink. It is a beverage that can be enjoyed alone while reading a good book, or to be shared with close friends while having a conversation. Have a tall glass on hand to pour the final product into before serving it. A sprig of mint finishes it off perfectly. Depending on the temperature of the day, it might be advisable to add some ice cubes as well to keep it cool and refreshing. 

Snacks To Go With Drinks

Along with creative beverages, this book also includes some treats that can be served with them. The Devil Egg Wears Prada, named after the novel and the movie produced by Lauren Weisberger. Using boiled eggs, this snack can be put together and served at the next book club meeting. It accompanied several other literary based hors d’oeuvres recipes that can be quickly prepared and offered to guests. Be sure to store them in a cool place until visitors arrive. Due to the contents, they can spoil rapidly. There should also be many made because they will go fast. 

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