Dr. Victoria J Mondloch Discusses The Menopause and What to Expect

Dr. Victoria J Mondloch of Waukesha, Wisconsin is a phenomenal doctor of family medicine and women’s health; she practices Obstetrics and Gynaecology for internal medicine from her practice in

Waukesha, Wisconsin. A fond lover of her medical journal and sitting on the board of many medical panels, she is an expert on women’s issues, such as fibroids and the menopause. Here is documented the stages, statistics and tips to help you and your family deal with this time of change.

Victoria Mondloch if Wisconsin confirms that there are stages to menopause,  premenopausal as the name suggests is the years when everything is working as expected you menstruate and are able to bear children. Premature or early menopause is medically classed, by Doctors, such as Dr. Victoria J Mondloch, as any age under 40.

The next stage called perimenopause is when the hormones of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone start to fluctuate; this is a woman’s body’s way of telling her that her egg production will soon stop. This is a very significant time for any women but especially one that wasn’t sure whether or not she wanted children. It is also significantly more difficult to conceive. This term therefore represent the time in a woman’s life when the psychological and physical changes of the menopause begin.


It is the change and imbalance in hormone levels that cause the unpleasant and unusual symptoms. Night sweats and hot sweats in general are common as your hormones are in a constant state of change. Changes in period length, colour and levels will be common to the point that you are not quite sure what you might get next and when which can obviously have some repercussions if you are not prepared for this. The length of the process itself is also fairly undeterminable. A general rule is that it can last between two and ten years. Keeping a journal is a very good idea, you may then see a pattern to the changes and it may even just help you make a little more sense of what is happening. Seeing a women’s health professional such as Victoria J Mondloch of Waukesha, Wisconsin may also help.

As with any issue relating to your physical and mental wellbeing it is important to eat healthily throughout this process, to exercise frequently and give your body a helping hand through this change.

Once the menopause the actual physiological process has taken place then then you will enter the post menopause phase. It is important to stay in tune with your body and your feelings and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Victoria Mondloch summarises with a top tip and survival guide for the menopause:

Take control, when you have recognised that you need help speak to a healthcare professional such as Victoria J Mondloch. Gather the information that you need, knowing what to expect can make you feel more prepared. Chart and document your symptoms. Organize hormone tests with a GM such as Victoria Mondloch. Talk to family and friends.


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