Common Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

A breast mass or lump is one of the possible signs of breast cancer in women and men. However, it can also cause many other changes to the skin around and on the breast. This condition may not cause any signs in some instances, but a physician can detect a mass on a mammogram. This article outlines some potential breast cancer symptoms and signs without a visible lump in the area.

Skin Texture Changes

Breast cancer can lead to inflammation and changes in skin cells, leading to texture changes. Common instances of texture changes include skin thickening in any breast parts and scaly skin around the areola and nipple. Moreover, these changes can also lead to itching. They may also be signs of an uncommon cancer type known as Paget’s disease.


Skin dimpling can be a sign of an aggressive form of cancer referred to as inflammatory breast cancer. Cancer cells may lead to the development of lymph fluid in the breast, leading to swelling or even pitting or dimpling of the skin. If you notice these signs on your skin, consult a doctor immediately or visit a cancer center Newport Beach-based.

Lymph Node Changes

They are rounded and small immune system tissue that capture possible harmful cells, including viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. These tissues also filter fluid. Suppose these cancer cells leave the breast, they first travel to the underarm lymph node, on the same part as the affected breast. This may cause swelling in the area. However, breast infections or other fully unrelated conditions may cause lymph tissue changes.

Nipple or Breast Pain

Breast cancer may lead to changes in skin cells, causing feelings of tenderness, discomfort, and pain in the breast, whereby some patients term this aching as a burning sensation. Cancer is a serious condition affecting many people globally. Undergoing frequent breast cancer screening can help you to detect this condition in its early and treatable stages.

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