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What To Consider When Choosing High Speed Internet Service In Allentown

There are plenty of options for high-speed internet service. After all, with a population of over 120,000 and driving distance to both New York City and Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley city is a bedroom community to both. Furthermore, it has its own industries that require remote operations or connections via the Internet of Things (IoT).

So, how do you choose? Here are some tips to select the right high speed internet service Allentown-based.

high speed internet service allentown


Consider broadband access via a cable modem over a digital subscriber line (DSL). Where the former is normally connected into a fiber optic network, the latter carries digital data over phone lines. Thus, the speed isn’t as fast or reliable. 


Consider what the service provider is willing to include in your high-speed internet service. Perhaps they offer subscriptions to streaming services like HBO Max or Disney+. Another option could be an upgrade to a faster modem.


The cost of high-speed internet access has been a thorn to many consumers. They cite high monthly bills despite the lack of steady access as their main concern. This hampers low-income individuals and families from ordering service. Nevertheless, if you feel what you pay is too high, then consider negotiating with the internet provider for a better deal.

Customer Reviews

A major advantage of the internet is you get to see what other customers think of a high-speed internet provider. Should the reviews be too positive or negative, then it’s best to look for another service. Generally, try to find companies that have an even amount of good and bad reviews.

How The Government is Helping Poor Households Stay Connected

lifeline phone program oklahoma

Many households struggle to afford decent phone service. It is a huge issue, as families need to stay connected for emergencies and other essential needs. Through the Lifeline program, the government has been at the forefront in helping qualifying households. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits you will receive through the program.

Benefits of the Lifeline Program

Here are the advantages of having free phone service through the Lifeline program:

Access Emergency Service Contacts

It is one of the important benefits that you can receive from the program. It protects your family and allows you to get help when needed.

A phone line with Lifeline service also ensures that any medical personnel or police officers trying to contact you during an emergency will reach you. That means the Lifeline phone program Oklahoma-based and many other places is a great way to get things going.

Access to Free Directory Assistance

Free directory assistance is a great benefit for those who need help locating important phone numbers, such as doctors or local businesses in your area. Directory assistance also allows you to look up contacts you may not have on your phone.

Access to Free Voicemail

Having a phone is not much help if you do not have the service that allows for voice mail. It provides another way of staying connected with your loved ones by checking your messages at any time, even when you are unable to answer the phone.

Access to Long Distance Calling

Another great benefit of having free phone service is making calls outside your local area for no extra charge. That means that you can contact friends, family members, and businesses all over the country. You will not need to pay any extra money on top of what you pay each month for basic services.

A Reliable Phone Line

Free government phones are more reliable than the other options that you may be looking at right now. They provide landline service instead of cellular coverage. That means that your number is not going to change. It also offers better sound quality when speaking with those who call you on your free government phone line.

As you can see, many benefits come along with having free phone service through the lifeline program. If you are struggling with paying for your phone line, it is the perfect solution to help you save money and stay connected.