Silly Art That Sold for Millions

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Silly Art That Sold for Millions

For the past hundred years or so, “modern art” has changed the boundaries of what is considered beautiful. By a mile. Now, we are no art experts, but we know what we like – and we do not like these paintings. They might have been sold for millions and millions of dollars, but money can’t buy taste. Just sayin’.

The lure of owning an original work by a famous artist, however, outweighs the price … and, uh, any logic for some people.

Who ever said the art world made sense? The following paintings are worth an amazing amount of cash, but we don’t think they should be – all the more fun to pick them apart as self-appointed critics.

  1. Mark Rothko’s No 1

We’re not sure why the artist even created this painting, which consists of nothing more than three variously colored boxes on a reddish background. Is this not the kind of work that kindergarteners do after snack time? Blue rectangle. Check. Orangey-red rectangle. Check. And throw a pink rectangle in for good measure. Great. You’re done! You know one of your shapes! Now you graduate to first grade! Parents, take note: This means, of course, that even your young children could earn you the $75.1 million this piece sold for.

  1. Willem de Kooning’s Woman III

You’ll be happy to know that your kindergartener can move beyond painting mere rectangles and graduate to painting human(oid) figures. Kooning’s female(ish) figure does look like the more mature work of a five- or six-year-old. Some will say that a young child could definitely do a better job of capturing the essence of a feminine figure than Kooning, who was around 50 when he painted it. We wonder what he was on, and whether he had impaired eyesight. Still, the work is worth more than $137 million. That’s enough cash to offer free eyeglasses to the populations of multiple small countries. Any recipient whose sight is restored shouldn’t look at the painting, though. Also, we wonder what women I and II look like.

  1. False Start, by Jasper Johns

“False Start” appears to be a very fitting title. This painting looks as if it was done by a grade school child who was still asking a fit of questions regarding names of colors, aspects of design, and when snack time is. The word “white” is painted in red, and the word “orange” is stenciled in white. It also looks as if the artist painted a number of blue and dirty-white handkerchiefs randomly hanging off the canvas – perhaps after wiping his or her nose repeatedly. Nonetheless, this piece sold for $80 million. Johns would merely call us peasants for not appreciating it.

  1. Jackson Pollock’s No.5

What list of incomprehensible art would be complete without Jackson Pollock? He is the quintessential doodler. His action painting technique of dripping, dropping, pouring, and dabbing created giant finger-painting-like canvases. Recall the art projects you did when you were young; Pollock was your subconscious idol back then. Some people believe the piece looks like a bird’s nest. Others say it more resembles a housepainter’s drop cloth after he has finished an entire Victorian house multiple clashing colors. Regardless, this painting, one of Pollock’s most famous, went for $140 million. Housepainters, you could make a mint if you save your refuse.

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Shahriar Ekbatani Provides a New Take on Travel Photography

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Travel photography is a specialized discipline in which travels are recorded in a photographic manner. It enables people to share and revisit their experiences. Most people who go on vacation will engage in some sort of travel photography, albeit on an amateur level, because they want to remember the enjoyment and fun they had. However, many people have come to Shahriar Ekbatani, who is a professional travel photographer, and felt a sense of failure, not understanding why the atmosphere they tried so hard to capture simply doesn’t shine through.

Shahriar Ekbatani on the Psychology of Travel Photography

If you have ever looked at other people’s travel photographs, you will recognize the feeling of boredom. You aren’t on those pictures, and you don’t really want to see them because you can’t feel what the people in those pictures are feeling. And deep down inside, you know that this is exactly how other people feel when they are looking at yours.

Now here is the psychology of it all. It isn’t because your pictures, or theirs for that matter, are boring. It is actually because of a deep rooted sense of jealousy, one that you probably don’t even know is there. We all love being on vacation. We love traveling and we love discovering the world, seeing things that others have not seen before. And when we see someone else has already done that before us, we feel a sense of jealousy. You can actually test this out! Say, for instance, that you have been on a Nile Cruise, and one of your friends has at well. They will love looking through your pictures with you, because they can share the experience with you and recognize elements. And maybe, if they’re lucky, they will have seen something that you didn’t see. If you now show the same album to someone who has not been on a Nile Cruise, you will instantly find that they seem less interested in your pictures.

Now, your goal will not be to make other people jealous of your fantastic trip. You simply want to share your experience. One way to do that, is by better organizing the pictures you had. You should categorize them in ways that are easy to recognize. Some examples include:

  • Markets.
  • Everyday living.
  • Buskers.
  • Artists.
  • Food.
  • Windows.
  • People.
  • Roofs.
  • Fire hydrants.

These may seem like some very odd categories, but they are things that everybody knows. Everybody has been to a market, lives their lives, has given money to a busker, enjoyed an artist, eaten food, looked through windows, put their clothes on, and so on. This means that they have something to compare things to. They can look at your experience and put it side by side with their own. They can marvel at how different certain things are, but also enjoy finding the similarities. What you have done, in a sense, is made them a part of your holiday and this also means they will take far greater enjoyment in seeing your holiday snaps.


Photography. SFMOMA

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Go inside the inventive minds of Sheridan’s photography students and find out what inspires them in their photography practice. Glass plates had been the medium for most original camera photography from the late 1850s till the general introduction of flexible plastic films throughout the 1890s. Students can also take photography classes at regional colleges and universities to assistance fine tune their abilities. Food photography is equivalent to nevertheless life photography but calls for some special capabilities.

He received his BA in Theatre Arts from Fordham College and studied photography at the International Center of Photography. In your photography classes, you are going to build conceptually, visually and technically compelling photographs and films, and explore photography’s expressive possible in current and emerging fields. Nonetheless life photography usually depicts inanimate subject matter, generally commonplace objects which may well be either organic or man-created.

As a single of the ideal photography schools, the New York Film Academy provides students the remarkable opportunity to study under award-winning, professional photographers who stay active in numerous genres of photography, from fine art to style, industrial work to photojournalism. This was common for reproduction photography of flat copy when significant film negatives were made use of (see Approach camera ). These are normally assigned by the magazine and encompass fashion and glamour photography capabilities.

In the United States , a handful of photographers, such as Alfred Stieglitz , Edward Steichen , John Szarkowski , F. Holland Day , and Edward Weston , spent their lives advocating for photography as a fine art. Cameras can variety from smaller to incredibly significant, a whole room that is kept dark whilst the object to be photographed is in yet another space where it is effectively illuminated. If students have dreams of becoming wildly effective, however, it is usually advisable to acquire a degree from a photography school or an art school. Editorial photography illustrates a story or notion within the context of a magazine.

In addition to the Academy’s photography degree applications and workshops, the Photography School also gives one particular- and two-year conservatory photography applications. Some complete-colour digital pictures are processed applying a wide variety of strategies to make black-and-white benefits, and some manufacturers make digital cameras that exclusively shoot monochrome. Our business connections rank Sheridan as one of the top photography schools, and happily employ our students for their internships. Amateur photography grew in the course of the late 19th century due to the popularization of the hand-held camera.

Though color photography has extended predominated, monochrome images are nonetheless created, mainly for artistic motives. Pretty much all digital cameras have an selection to shoot in monochrome, and nearly all image editing software program can combine or selectively discard RGB colour channels to produce a monochrome image from a single shot in colour. Even though its higher expense precluded makes use of other than photojournalism and professional photography, industrial digital photography was born. High school photography classes can usually help develop this hobby into a profitable career.


Photography. SFMOMA (2)

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Several people today may have coined the similar new term from these roots independently. Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Photography courses are held at the Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, Ontario. This four-year photography degree program contains eight academic semesters and a single 14-week internship at the end of Year three. The program will give the degree-level credential typical of photography internationally. Our digital photography technology is the very best in Canada and among the most effective in North America. This plan prepares you for a expert photography career in the dynamic communications industries.


Photography — Kickstarter

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We are now open by appointment from our new Studio on the 3rd Floor of Malcolm Pacific House ( Above McDonald’s) on Lambton Quay. Implementation of colour photography was hindered by the limited sensitivity of early photographic components, which had been mainly sensitive to blue, only slightly sensitive to green, and practically insensitive to red. In reaction to that, Weston, Ansel Adams , and other folks formed the Group f/64 to advocate ‘ straight photography ‘, the photograph as a (sharply focused) thing in itself and not an imitation of a thing else.

Photographers who want to break into advertising photography will also normally benefit from taking some advertising courses. Colour photography was attainable lengthy prior to Kodachrome , as this 1903 portrait by Sarah Angelina Acland demonstrates, but in its earliest years, the have to have for particular equipment, lengthy exposures, and complex printing processes made it extremely rare.

Organizations with a price range and a need to have for photography have various alternatives: they can employ a photographer straight, organize a public competitors, or receive rights to stock photographs Photo stock can be procured by way of conventional stock giants, such as Getty Pictures or Corbis smaller microstock agencies, such as Fotolia or net marketplaces, such as Cutcaster.

In addition to the Academy’s photography degree programs and workshops, the Photography School also presents one- and two-year conservatory photography programs. Some full-colour digital photos are processed making use of a selection of methods to generate black-and-white outcomes, and some manufacturers create digital cameras that exclusively shoot monochrome. Our business connections rank Sheridan as one particular of the top rated photography schools, and happily employ our students for their internships. Amateur photography grew in the course of the late 19th century due to the popularization of the hand-held camera.

Despite the fact that color photography has long predominated, monochrome images are still made, mostly for artistic factors. Nearly all digital cameras have an option to shoot in monochrome, and just about all image editing software can combine or selectively discard RGB colour channels to make a monochrome image from one particular shot in colour. Although its high expense precluded uses other than photojournalism and specialist photography, commercial digital photography was born. Higher school photography classes can usually assistance develop this hobby into a lucrative career.