5 Reasons Why You Should Take Guitar Lessons Online

There is a myriad of reasons for improving your guitar skills. For some, it’s the thrill of playing in front of people and showing off their new talents. For others, it’s the confidence that comes from knowing how to play an instrument – knowing that you can entertain guests and family whenever you want to. Whatever your reason, taking guitar lessons online from Forbes Music Company is a great place to start!

virtual guitar teacher

1. Online Lessons Save Time

In addition to being tailored towards your own needs, online lessons are also far more flexible. Since you can connect with a virtual guitar teacher at any time and place, waiting around for a lesson is no longer necessary. You do not have to plan or drive to a music studio because the internet has brought your lesson!

2.No Commute

No more rush hour traffic. Do you live in a city? How about the suburbs? Or a rural area? No matter where you call home, it can take forever when it comes time to drive to your guitar lessons! If you have an online guitar course, there’s no rush.

3. Online Lessons are More Affordable

Sure, private lessons can be personalized, and the teacher is in the room with you. But online guitar lessons are offered at a discount, so you get all of the benefits of private guitar lessons at a fraction of their cost.

In addition to saving money by taking online lessons, you also get access to multiple teachers for the price of one! This means that you can learn from different teachers who teach different styles and techniques. You aren’t stuck with one teacher like traditional guitar lessons; instead, you can learn from anyone anywhere!

4. You Can Learn At Your Own Pace

Another great thing about learning guitar online is learning at your own pace. With traditional guitar lessons, you have to book an appointment and have a lesson every week. And you’d better be prepared to take notes! However, there’s no need to take notes for online guitar lessons because the video lessons are saved right there on your computer.

You can watch them repeatedly as many times as you want until you get it down perfectly. You can watch the video while relaxing in your pajamas with a glass of wine in hand! This flexibility means that anyone who has a schedule packed with work or schoolwork will be able to work around their commitments. 

5. The Ability to Record and Review Lessons

Recording your guitar lessons is pretty easy. You can get a webcam and set it up facing yourself while you play guitar, or you can use a video recording app on your smartphone. Either way, you will be able to record the lesson very easily.

After the lesson is finished, it’s important to review the video. During your review, take notes on things that went well and things you feel could improve next time. It’s also an excellent idea to ask questions about any part of the lesson or your performance that may not have been clear during the lesson. Your virtual guitar teacher would be happy to help!


Forbes Music is a service with experienced tutors who are passionate about their work. The staff provides everyone, no matter what age or level of experience, with a customized music program in various formats to ensure that clients are reaching their personal goals and getting the most out of every session. From beginning to advanced students, there is something available for anyone who wishes to learn more about this beautiful art.

Tips for Singers

It doesn’t matter whether you are singing on stage or in the shower, everyone can sing. Learn how to improve your singing voice by following these simple tips.

vocal training

Take Lessons

The best way to improve your vocal practice is with a professional instructor. An instructor can teach you warm-ups and practices to improve your skills and better prepare your voice for performances. They will also be able to provide valuable feedback for you to learn from. They can help you distinguish between your head voice and chest voice so you can better support your breath for each. With the proper vocal training, you can learn how to sing and use your voice in new ways without straining anything.

Practice Breathing

You might think you already know how to breathe but breathing while singing requires a bit more skill and practice. When you sing, it’s important to use your diaphragm. This muscle helps your breath support your voice and reach certain notes without you having to force anything. You can feel your diaphragm expand with each in-breath by holding your hand over your stomach as you breathe in and out. Your breath is also affected by your posture which is why it’s important to practice standing up straight when you sing. When your body is tilted forward or to the side, your lungs will be more compressed making it difficult to breathe.

Ear Training

Being able to identify notes by ear will help you stay in the right key and sing the right notes. You can practice developing your ear for music using online ear training courses or on your own. To practice on your own, simply play a note on an instrument a few times, stop playing the note while you try to hear the note in your mind, then try singing the note. When you sing the note, hold it long enough for you to play the note again and see if the pitches match.

Bring your vocal skills to the next level with these essential practice tips.

Why Do You Need a Music Synchronization License?

When you’re creating a new music video, the last thing you want to worry about is licensing. But did you know that to use copyrighted music in your video legally, you need to obtain a synchronization license? This article will explain what synchronization licenses are and how to get them. Stay legal and stay creative!

Music Sync Licensing

What is a Music Synchronization License?

Music sync licensing is a form of legal permission that allows you to synchronize your project (such as a video) with copyrighted music. It’s important to note that this process, known as “matching,” can’t be done by just anyone—you need an expert who has the right kind of license for the job.

What Does a Synchronization License Cover?

A synchronization license allows you to use copyrighted music owned by another party in your project, but it doesn’t mean that you can use any piece of music for free. The terms of the synchronization license depend on the business arrangement between the parties involved. They usually take one of the following two forms:

1. Exclusive Rights

Here, the licensor grants a single party a temporary monopoly on a particular type of use. For example, if you were to obtain an exclusive rights synchronization license for your music video, you would be the only person legally allowed to distribute that video with that particular song. This arrangement will typically come with a set of usage terms, such as how long you can use the video and where it can appear.

2. Non-Exclusive Rights

With this type of arrangement, anyone can use the music in your project—so long as they obtain their synchronization license that covers their specific use. For example, even if you have a non-exclusive synchronization license, someone else can still obtain a separate non-exclusive license for the same song.

Benefits of a Synchronization License

Here are some of the best reasons to obtain a synchronization license for your project:

Maximize Your Reach

A sync license allows you to reach audiences far beyond what you can do yourself. Let’s say that you have an excellent video with a fantastic song, but that song belongs to someone else—so it’s blocked from being posted. With a sync license, you can unblock the use of that song and get your video in front of millions more people.

Expand Your Creative Control

A sync license provides you with the freedom to use any piece of music you want for your project. You don’t have to settle for just one tune—you’re free to test out multiple tracks, which means that you can pick the best song for your video.

Save Money on Production Costs

It costs a lot of money to produce quality videos. While some musicians are eager to work with up-and-coming artists (for exposure or other reasons), they might not be willing to give away their music for free. With a sync license, you can do the legally-correct thing and pay them for the use of their music—and they might even be willing to negotiate with you on price.

Many of today’s best music videos only exist because the creators could get the rights to use certain pieces of music. You can obtain a sync easily, cheaply, and legally—so there is no reason not to go through the proper channels when doing your own projects.

What to Check When Contracting a Moving Company

Relocating can be hectic, especially when you consider the logistics of the items you own. This becomes incredibly tough when moving to a location from where you currently reside. Fortunately, there are many movers out there who are ready to take up that task. You can get any of them, including piano movers Los Angeles-based, but you need to make a few considerations to ensure you settle on the best mover.

Piano Movers Los Angeles


The best moving company should be one registered with different professional associations and organizations. Proving professionalism can begin with checking whether the individual or firm you hire is registered with the American Moving and Storage Association.


The number of years that a company has been in the moving industry matters a lot. Hiring a company with several years of experience, say ten, can cost you a substantial amount, but such firms understand how to move your belongings, including large ones, such as a piano. Such experience has exposed them to different tasks. Experts come into play when moving your things to your new address.

The Charges

A moving company’s services are not offered for free – you need to pay for them. Your financial abilities and the items you need to move, such as a piano, are different from those of other people. That is why you need to be clear about how much you are willing to spend on the moving activity by creating a detailed budget. Having a budget will help you choose an appropriate moving company without breaking the bank.


It is essential to hire a contractor who has a positive reputation in the moving sector. The best place where you can get information about different companies’ reputations is from the internet. Most of these firms have websites and social media platforms where you can check out comments and reviews from their previous clients.

The number of moving companies is tremendously growing, with the business becoming one of the most lucrative. That is why you need to settle on the right mover who will handle your essentials carefully and safely.

WhiteHat Jr Now Offers Online Music Lessons

WhiteHat Jr has already brought coding and math into thousands of children’s homes, and it now hopes to repeat the pattern with one-on-one online music training for kids.

WhiteHat Jr, owned by Byju’s, has decided to act upon the interest of its current students and add music to its online curriculum choices, according to Trupti Mukker, the company’s CEO.

The music lessons will allow students to receive music training online with their own personalized teacher. WhiteHat Jr reviewed and recently revamped it’s curriculum and is currently testing music classes to finalize plans to launch online music lessons in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.

WhiteHat Jr Now Offers Online Music Lessons

WhiteHat Jr Will Offer Music to Help Shape Kids’ Developing Minds

Whitehat Jr. believes that music, like coding, is a universal language that kids can benefit hugely from learning. According to several research studies, making music can help children learn how to make good decisions, understand math better, and learn languages more quickly. Music training can physically alter a student’s brain in beneficial ways.

The brain isn’t technically a muscle. However, learning to read music and playing an instrument can exercise the brain by creating new pathways and connections that enrich the learning experience, and not just for music.

Music training alters the physicality of the brain’s white matter, which is responsible for carrying messages throughout the brain. It also enhances the gray matter where the brain processes information. By learning music through WhiteHat Jr, students can boost their ability to engage their minds for all sorts of activities, including learning other subjects.

What Instruments Will WhiteHat Jr Teach?

In the beginning, WhiteHat Jr reviewed its capabilities and will offer guitar and piano lessons due to the international appeal of those instruments.

Music lessons can help students learn math more productively, according to a recent article in Discovery magazine. Studies suggest a correlation between high performance in music and achievement in mathematics. The dual availability of math and music on the same platform can provide consistency for children looking to build their math skills.

Music is often the first subject to receive cuts when school districts need to tighten their budgets. WhiteHat Jr will allow students to pursue their passion and pick up skills that will help them in their academic careers. Parents looking to give their children an academic boost now have access to do so online. This can save a lot of time for parents balancing jobs and families. WhiteHat Jr.’s reviewed lessons to allow students to take their classes at home and have access to teachers worldwide.