How to Ensure That You Have Great Looking Skin

As I approached the ned of my 20s, I realised that my skin was really beginning to show its age and decided that it was time to take action. Throughout my 20s I really didn’t care what my lifestyle was doing to my skin but the years of partying and poor skin care, left me looking a little older than my years would suggest. Thankfully I took action at the right time and now 4 years on, my skin looks and feels great. For us women, having healthy skin gives us a great confidence boost and if you want to make sure that your’s looks great, here are some tips which worked very well for me.


Drinking water is so simple and has a huge effect on how we look and feel, yet most of us are guilty of not drinking enough of it. What basically happens with water is that if you don’t drink enough of it, your body will become dehydrated, once dehydrated, the body searches for water to supply the organs, and it essentially steals it from other areas of the body, including skin. Dehydrated skin gives the appearance of a dry and flaky face, and wrinkles are far more prominent. Drinking enough water is an easy fix, but one which most of us don’t do enough if.

Great Products

There are many products on the market which you can pick up to help improve the quality of your skin and it is really important that you get a product which really matches with your face and skin tone. Personally I absolutely love the product from Jeunesse Global, especially their Luminescence range. The Jeunesse products are perfect for me because they are very well priced, and there is a huge range of treatments for just about every skin type. If you want to make sure that your skin is looking its best, make sure that you test out a number of products until you get the results that you are looking for.

Good Practice

The final key to great looking skin is good practice, especially when it comes to the evening. I started to give myself around 45 minutes each night before bed to wash my face, tone and moisturise, something which I had hardly done in the past. Having this nightly routine can really help to boost your skin in no time at all.

In terms of good practice when it comes to skin care, you should also look at cutting down or cutting out, the things that really damage your skin. If you are a smoker then this is going to cause your skin all kind of damage and you really should stop. Make sure that you are getting a good 7-9 hours sleep per night, and be careful when drinking alcohol as this can also wreak havoc when it comes to the quality of your skin.

Work hard, do things right and you can have great looking skin in no time at all.