Just bought a classic car? Here’s how to protect your investment

Love everything that classic cars represent? If you have begun to collect them, you may be looking for ways to defend the value of your investment, as well as those of future vehicles you may acquire.
Robert Bassam has had plenty of experience in this domain, as he has repeated the process with countless vehicles he has acquired over the decades.
By following certain rules of care with each vehicle, he has managed to keep his babies in perfect condition while others have fallen behind over the years.
Below, we’ll talk about how you can protect your new investment and keep it running fluidly for the foreseeable future.

1) Keep your car shining

Yes, washing up your car will take lots of time to do, but the danger of allowing even a thin film of small amount of road dust to remain on your ride will increase your chances of running into a serious problem.

There is more at stake than having your car lose its lustre; dirt and grime that exists on the road and its shoulder can harm the body of your classic car if you don’t take steps to cleanse it from its exterior. Rust can develop, costing you a fortune to repair, and taking a demolition ball to its value.
Car washes are time-consuming, but the care you need to pay to your auto is necessary to keeping it in the condition you want to be in.

2) Apply wax once every six months to really make your exterior shine

Really want your ride to shine? You need to go further if you want your classic car to be at its peak – by applying wax, it will glimmer like no car you’ve owned before.
Applied twice per year, filth will melt away to a shine every time you go to the car wash, attracting stares of wonder from other car lovers. Chrome polish is a great thing to apply as well, as the rims will look amazing after a few applications.

3) Treat your interior surfaces with respect

If you really want to induce envy in the minds of others, pay the sort of attention to the maintenance of your classic car’s interior surfaces that others lavish on their car’s exterior body.

Before you start handing out rides to your friends, you should make your interior surfaces shine. Your dashboard should be where you begin your cleaning efforts. As the most noticeable surface in your vehicle, it needs to stand out in a good way. A filthy dash can instantly tank what others think of your car.

Start by defending it against UV rays, as they can dull leather coverings. After clearing it of grime, apply specialized cream that is formulated to defend it from the elements.
There are cleaners available that will help to maintain vinyl upholstery as well. By following instructions and making time for doing this regularly, it will look fantastic for years to come.

What Options Do You Have To Pay College Tuition

Going to college is an incredibly exciting time for any student looking to further their education and one day hope to nail down a successful career. It is not just the learning that students will look forward to but also the social side of going to college and the life skills which they will learn as a result of this once in a lifetime experience. Excitement for college can often be dampened however when they see how much tuition fees cost and it seems as though each year they are rising higher. If you are looking at going to college and not sure how to pay for it, here are some of the options available to you.


If you have outstanding academic, artistic or athletic ability then you could look at doing what my buddy Mack Prioleau did and get yourself a scholarship for your college education. Each college will reserve some free positions in their school which they will give to some of the highest performing candidates around the country. This could be as a result of being a star basketball player, an outstanding artist or someone who is considered to be one of the most intelligent at their school. If you fall into this category then you will need to apply for a scholarship and if you are accepted then you can count on free education thanks to your gifts.

Student Loan

Nt everyone is talented enough to get a scholarship and for the rest of the students out there looking to go to college, a student loan is the route which most will take. Many do not like the idea of taking out a student loan to pay for their college tuition because it will see them graduate from college with a degree in one hand and a heavy debt in the other before they have even started working. Thankfully, the terms of the loan are very agreeable and you will not pay anything back unless you are working and earning a certain amount of income. Once you are earning the required amount, the student loans company will automatically deduct a small percentage of your salary until the loan is paid back.


If you are doing from a position of financial hardship then you could be in line for a grant or a bursary which will cover all or some of the costs of your college education. In order to get such funding you will need to apply and show evidence of your and your family’s economic position. There is only so much money which can be given out in this way and because of this there is no guarantee that you will be accepted for a grant, regardless of your circumstances. The best way to secure this type of funding is to apply as early as possible and ensure that all of your details about your financial situation are accurate.

Chris Manente – Autism, What it is And How it Affects People

Autism is something which you will no doubt have heard being spoken about, you may even know someone who suffers from it but how much do you actually know about this disability? Because of the rate of people who are being diagnosed with autism, knowing more about it is incredibly helpful and it is for that reason that people like Chris Manente, a spokesperson and campaigner who works at Rutger Center for Adults Autism are speaking out about what this disability is and how it affects so many people and their families and friends. Let’s have a look a little bit deeper then into the world of autism.

What is Autism?

Autism is defined by the National Autism Association as bio-neurological development disability, it is a disability which affects in 1 in every 68 children and boys are 4 times more likely to suffer from autism than girls. Those who are affected by autism has no bearing on race or region and the figures of autism have climbed greatly in the last 20 years.

How Does It Affect People?
The effects of autism are wide ranging and vary from person to person, it has been said that no two suffers are the same. At its roots, the disability has a profound impact on the learning and communication abilities of sufferers and can have a huge effect on the ability of autism sufferers in their interactions with others. Speech can be a highly difficult problem for those children who suffer with autism and recent figures show that 40% of young children will not be able to speak as a result of having the disability. There are additional symptoms which many autistic patients may face that range from having a higher percentage chance of viral infections, eating disorders, anxiety, IBS, asthma and allergies to name just a few. This is not to say that all sufferers will have these symptoms but they are prevalent throughout autism.

Is There a Cure?
As yet, no cure for autism has been found although with an early diagnosis and intervention, treatment can prove to be highly effective and can significantly lower symptoms in some sufferers and has also been known to help others in completely overcoming the symptoms of the disability.

What is The Average Life Expectancy?
There is no direct correlation between lower life expectancy and this who suffer from autism, with this being said, mortality rates are significantly worse in sufferers of autism because of the higher probability of having an accident such as drowning because of the symptoms which autistics face.

What Does The Future Hold?
Despite autism being the fastest growing developmental disease, it is on the whole considered to be highly underfunded and there are many campaigns in action which are seeking to secure more funding into the support for those with autism and higher research into the causes, cures and effects of the disability.

How To Volunteer In The Best Way You Can Do

Volunteer is one of the most beautiful ways to help organizations and people in needs. You can volunteer your time and talents to help them and also helping yourself. Volunteer work will allow you to gain a lot of mental and emotional benefits and also allow you to in touch with people you can help. If you are confusing about finding volunteer opportunities based on your skills and interest, you’ve come to the right places. Today I will provide you a step by step guide on how to find volunteer opportunities for you. If you are interesting in volunteer in art, I recommend you to visit SingForHope.org for the best place to volunteer your time and talent.

The first step is find opportunities depend on your skills and interest. You will need to assess your skills and interests, check what you can do, what your talent and what can you give to some people or organization. You also need to determine whether you work better with other people or you choose to do volunteer action by yourself. Consider the amount of time you are willing to give and make sure that you are comfortable with that.

The next step is identifying local opportunities. You might need to check with local schools especially schools you have attended, you may also find out opportunity by visit local library or museum. A place of worship such as church is also the best place to find place for volunteer action.

The next step is find opportunities through the internet. You can find out about opportunities through online searching. You can do some research on several website that provides you volunteer action and you can join to the volunteer action. Make sure to type your area and interest and also talent you have for specific list.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phone purchases come with instructions for operation. They don’t come with basic guidelines for etiquette and social curtesy. If you’re showing only your forehead to friends, family and co-workers, read no further. Otherwise, follow these basic rules of curtesy and respect when using your cell phone established by the professional etiquette experts.

Most cell phone use should be common courtesy; but unfortunately that’s not always the case. If you’ve just taken advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and secured a new cell plan from the fabulous options available through T-Mobile, take it one step further and commit to using your cell phone with respect for those around you.

The biggest piece of advice is to truly be in the moment. You know the feeling when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and their constantly looking over your shoulder at the rest of the crowd? This is the message you’re sending when you stay glued to your cell phone on the company of others. If you must take a call, excuse yourself and step into another room or away from earshot.  Limit this to true emergencies. When dining out or as a guest in someone’s home, the absolute worst place to put your cell phone is on the dining table. Turn it off and leave it in your handbag or pocket. Let those you’re with know they’re your priority. If your peers are on their phones, don’t join in. Your self-control will be contagious. Is there really anything on social media that can’t be missed for a mere hour or two? Think about your priorities and quite possibly your growing addiction.

When in the office, the same rules of cell phone etiquette apply. When heading into a meeting, turn your phone off before entering the room. Take the opportunity the few minutes before the meeting starts and actually engage with your co-workers. Do not look at your phone when a presenter is in the middle of a key presentation. Follow the same courtesies in the office as in public spaces, gathering with your friends and families when you’re on the job. Many companies have instituted cell phone policies for just this reason.