Can You Still Wear College Rings After Graduation? Yes!

Can you still wear college rings after graduation? Yes! You can even customize them at . There are many ways to do so, including engraving, side shank designs, and school logos. The best way to honor your education is to wear the rings you earned while attending school. You’ll have a lifetime remembrance of your time at school. Here’s how. Read on to learn how to keep your class ring and wear it proudly once you’ve graduated.

Class ring etiquette

Wearing your class ring after graduation should be easy to achieve. Many prestigious schools will turn the rings during the graduation ceremony or near commencement, so you will have no trouble showing off your ring. However, there are still some etiquette considerations to be kept in mind. 

When wearing your class ring after graduation, you’ll want to wear it with the symbol visible while holding it out. This tradition is still largely common, but you can also try putting it on another finger. Wearing your class ring with the symbol facing outward is the traditional way to wear it, although some people turn them around to show that they’re ready to face the world after graduation.

Meaning of the turning of the ring ceremony

Many people associate the turning of the ring ceremony after graduation with a special meaning. The ring symbolizes a woman’s search for herself and her place in the world. After graduating, the ring is turned, so its pinnacle points toward the student’s body. Students wear their rings to school for one week after graduation to symbolize this transition. Some cultures also associate the turning of the ring ceremony with the beginning of a new relationship.

Students receive class rings before graduation and wear them facing out, representing the upcoming graduation. However, some schools have made it mandatory for students to turn their rings in the direction representing their future. It can either be a clockwise or counterclockwise turn. However, the direction of turning the ring is important. This tradition has its origins in medieval times and is practiced today in many countries.

Trends in class ring designs

Traditionally, students have only had two options regarding class ring design: their school mascot and their graduating year. Today, the trend is to customize these class rings and make them more personal. Popular designs include peace signs, zodiac signs, skateboarders, ethnic flags, rock climbers, figure skaters, and religious symbols. 

Trends in class ring designs after graduation have come a long way. While the traditional, gold-plated style still reigns supreme in some private schools, modernized class rings are a great way to express your school spirit while remaining stylish. While some students might find traditional-style class rings tacky, they always remember to wear their class rings. Many students even go the extra mile to customize their class rings to represent their personalities.

Dos and don’ts of wearing a class ring after graduation

Despite the traditional belief that graduates only wear class rings, they are used by students to show their affiliation with their school or university. The ring symbolizes the years they attended, their clubs, sports teams, cheerleaders, schoolhouses, and other cherished memories. A wise man once said that the ring is the halo on your finger. There are some dos and don’ts to wearing your ring after graduation.

Don’t wear your class ring in public. Despite their popularity, class rings have become more passé than signet rings. While there are still people who wear their class rings even decades after graduation, most students tuck them away within a few days or hours after graduation. While wearing a class ring after graduation is a matter of taste and tradition, remember that it is your choice. Wearing a class ring doesn’t erase your school’s history, but you are doing it wrong if you don’t.

Cost of a class ring

The price of a class ring after graduation depends on the material used in the creation. For example, some rings are made of sterling silver, while others are made of yellow or rose gold. Typically, the price ranges between four hundred and one thousand dollars. Since class rings have a long tradition, it makes sense that they would be expensive. Even with the price tag, however, the value of a class ring should be clear.

Class rings are one of the most important jewelry to be bought after graduation. Some graduates may not care about the price. However, this item holds special meaning and is worth the money for some. College ties are often so deep that graduating without a class ring may lead to lifelong regret. In that case, looking for an older class ring may be a good idea.

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