Breakfast is Big Again

The pandemic changed many things in our daily lives which weren’t expected, and it seems many of those changes are here to stay. One of the beneficiaries of COVID-19 is breakfast, and more people at home meant enjoying breakfast instead of eating something in the car or over the sink before running off to work. Breakfast started to resemble the breakfast scene in the 50s and 60s tv shows where a family was together, and a newspaper was read, although newspapers are now tablets and phones.

waffle recipes

The New (or Returning) Face of Breakfast

Searches for breakfast recipes, like waffle recipes, rose during the pandemic as demand for waffles, sausages, and cereal increased. Consumption of pancakes rose 25%, waffles 20%, cereal 11%, and bacon 15%. Millennials’ consumption of cereal rose substantially, making cereal a big winner. Kellog reported earnings up 9.4% for the 39 weeks ending September 26 of 2021.

What is the Future of Breakfast?

As the pandemic ebbs and life starts to return to normal in the coming years, breakfast will continue to be a popular activity in households. During the pandemic, people took back their mornings as the commute time eliminated, and they don’t want to give them up again. Purchases of breakfast-specific appliances are still strong, signaling the continuation of taking time out for breakfast.

It was another unexpected change due to COVID-19, but breakfast is back and not going anywhere. We got a chance to realize what it meant to start our mornings not running out the door, and now we want to keep them that way.

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