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Jack Elway Reviews the Legacy of College Football

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If you are a fan of a sports team, you will have your own reasons for why you favor that team over a different one. Of course, a lot of it has to do with geographical location, although this may not be the case if you’re into your pro sorts. Jack Elway has always believed that there are other reasons for people choosing a certain team. For instance, you may have liked certain team colors, or really enjoyed the team mascot, particularly as a child. Maybe you always followed a certain player from your geographical area, and they were transferred away. There literally are a million different reasons to like one team over another, and they are all valid and justified.

Jack Elway on College Football

College football is very different from pro football. Fans all over the country wear their college jerseys and they take their allegiance incredibly seriously. Some even go so far as covering themselves entirely in body paint to represent their team’s colors, literally wearing nothing else except perhaps a small thong. These are the fans that will have passion in their support of their team whether they are 50 points ahead or 50 points behind. They start to organize tailgate parties, sometimes several days before the game itself, and these parties go on for days. For some, this tradition seems to come from a different planet, but it is one that generations of scholars and athletes have been a part of.

When someone goes to college, they do so as a family. Indeed, it is very common for this to be literal: parents met at a certain college, their children will go there, they meet their spouse at college, and so on. As such, that college truly is part of the DNA of that family. They have sat in the same halls, cheered for the same team, and stood on the same battlefields. They have college jerseys dating back generations and they are brought out on special occasions only. These are the true die-hard fans and any sports promoter would do anything to manufacture that – but they can’t.

One of the things that makes college football so special is that, each year, people wake up on a Saturday and they feel able. They feel able to become national champions and to be a part of that little moment of history. That part of history will stay with them for the rest of their life, and it is something that they pass on to their children and their grandchildren. If this sounds like you, know that the jersey you are wearing today will one day proudly be handed over to your granddaughter or grandson as they enter the world of college.

The passion associated with the team that reflects your younger, student years, is a passion that cannot be replicated. It is real and true, and it reminds you of a part of your life when everything was still possible. In a sense, it is your chance to be forever young.


How to Fix Your Debt Problems

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Getting into debt is extremely easy, but getting out of debt is far, far complicated. If you have found yourself facing debt problems which you are struggling to get out of then I wanted to share with you how I finally took action and managed to pay off my debts.

To give you a little background, I had been racking up debts since my late teens, it began with a credit card, then a second and when things got too much with the cards, I took out a personal loan to pay off my credit cards. My problem wasn’t so much the debts but the mismanagement of them, unpaid bills left me with high interest charges. I read a book by the great S R Buzzi and it changed the way I thought about debts entirely.

Getting Real

Ignoring debts, letters and phone calls from your creditors is only going to land you in more hot water and it is absolutely vital that you face up to the debts which you have. When you simply ignore your debts and fail to pau them, the creditors will only pursue you more, and potentially hit you with additional charges. The best way to get started in terms of getting out of your debt, is to work out how much you and who to, then start taking action.


If you have mismanaged your debts or if your circumstances have changed leaving you unable to pay, you must speak to your creditors. In truth, it can be easy to think that speaking with this kind of stuff with creditors may be difficult but remember that they want their money back to, and that they will be inclined to make arrangements for you to help you to get your debts paid back.

Budget Wisely

There is absolutely no point in you thinking that you can pay $300 of debt repayments per month if you only earn $900 and your outgoings like rent and bills adds up to $600, this will leave you absolutely no money each month. In order to make a budget you need to be smart about what you are leaving for yourself. Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t have a life, but that you should live a frugal one and focus all of you efforts on getting your debts paid off.

Don’t Borrow

Most people are in difficulties with their debts because they borrow more money to pay off an old debt, this is a vicious cycle and one which needs to stop right now. The only option for you to take if you have not already exhausted the option, is to balance transfer any credit card debts which you may have and move them on to zero interest credit cards. With the exception of this option, you myst avoid borrowing altogether, take stock of the debt you have, and make sure that the only changes which occur are that the figure goes down.

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Scott Tominaga on Getting into Shape for Surfing

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One of the most important parts of your body if you are a surfer is your feet. This is why Scott Tominaga believes all aspiring surfers need to exercise their feet in particular. This is what helps them absorb shock, and give them agility, strength, flexibility, power, control, force, and balance. But how do you get started?

Scott Tominaga Explains Feet Exercises for Surfers

Sit down and roll a ball, such as a tennis ball or baseball, under your feet. This wakes up the fascia, which is the connective tissue of the foot. You should not put your full weight on the ball. Instead, switch to smaller, harder balls over time, thereby increasing the pressure. The pressure should not come from your toes and arches, but rather from your outer edges, the balls of your feet, and your heel. You should do this for one minute at least.

Next, use your toes to pick up small objects. Once you can do that with ease, try flinging them up in the air. You should then use your toes to write the name of your favorite person, or anything else quite long and complicated, in the air. Make sure you move them about a lot.

Place your feet back on the ground and start dragging and pushing your toes and the ball of the feet away from the center in an outwards direction. Once you are duck footed, lift the front part of your foot up, leaving the heel stationary. Repeat around 15 times.

Next, press down four of your toes and attempt to raise the big one. This is very hard and you may have to keep your toes pressed down with your hand or your other foot. Repeat 15 times. Then turn it around, pressing down the big toe while attempting to rise the four others. Spread your toes wide apart. When the toes are up, hold them for five seconds. Repeat 10 times. Lastly, rock your feet from toe to heel 20 times.

You then need to stand up, since much of your surfing will be done in standing position. Walk the length of a room on your heels, then walk back on your feet’s balls. Repeat this a few times and then lift your big toe. You should feel the arch of your foot rise. Bring the toe back down, but try to keep your arch up. Hold for a few seconds.

Next, find a step somewhere and place your feet’s balls on the step itself. Your heels should hang down, over the edge. Slowly and with control, use the front of your foot to go up as high as you can. Then, just as slowly and controlled, drop your heels as far down as you can possibly get. Repeat this 20 times.

A final thing Scott Tominaga wants people to remember, is that if any of the exercise hurt, you should do them. Few people exercise their feet, which means the above could be quite difficult for some time. Simply work your way up and do what you can.

Health Tips

How to Ensure That You Have Great Looking Skin

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As I approached the ned of my 20s, I realised that my skin was really beginning to show its age and decided that it was time to take action. Throughout my 20s I really didn’t care what my lifestyle was doing to my skin but the years of partying and poor skin care, left me looking a little older than my years would suggest. Thankfully I took action at the right time and now 4 years on, my skin looks and feels great. For us women, having healthy skin gives us a great confidence boost and if you want to make sure that your’s looks great, here are some tips which worked very well for me.


Drinking water is so simple and has a huge effect on how we look and feel, yet most of us are guilty of not drinking enough of it. What basically happens with water is that if you don’t drink enough of it, your body will become dehydrated, once dehydrated, the body searches for water to supply the organs, and it essentially steals it from other areas of the body, including skin. Dehydrated skin gives the appearance of a dry and flaky face, and wrinkles are far more prominent. Drinking enough water is an easy fix, but one which most of us don’t do enough if.

Great Products

There are many products on the market which you can pick up to help improve the quality of your skin and it is really important that you get a product which really matches with your face and skin tone. Personally I absolutely love the product from Jeunesse Global, especially their Luminescence range. The Jeunesse products are perfect for me because they are very well priced, and there is a huge range of treatments for just about every skin type. If you want to make sure that your skin is looking its best, make sure that you test out a number of products until you get the results that you are looking for.

Good Practice

The final key to great looking skin is good practice, especially when it comes to the evening. I started to give myself around 45 minutes each night before bed to wash my face, tone and moisturise, something which I had hardly done in the past. Having this nightly routine can really help to boost your skin in no time at all.

In terms of good practice when it comes to skin care, you should also look at cutting down or cutting out, the things that really damage your skin. If you are a smoker then this is going to cause your skin all kind of damage and you really should stop. Make sure that you are getting a good 7-9 hours sleep per night, and be careful when drinking alcohol as this can also wreak havoc when it comes to the quality of your skin.

Work hard, do things right and you can have great looking skin in no time at all.


Shahriar Ekbatani Provides a New Take on Travel Photography

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Travel photography is a specialized discipline in which travels are recorded in a photographic manner. It enables people to share and revisit their experiences. Most people who go on vacation will engage in some sort of travel photography, albeit on an amateur level, because they want to remember the enjoyment and fun they had. However, many people have come to Shahriar Ekbatani, who is a professional travel photographer, and felt a sense of failure, not understanding why the atmosphere they tried so hard to capture simply doesn’t shine through.

Shahriar Ekbatani on the Psychology of Travel Photography

If you have ever looked at other people’s travel photographs, you will recognize the feeling of boredom. You aren’t on those pictures, and you don’t really want to see them because you can’t feel what the people in those pictures are feeling. And deep down inside, you know that this is exactly how other people feel when they are looking at yours.

Now here is the psychology of it all. It isn’t because your pictures, or theirs for that matter, are boring. It is actually because of a deep rooted sense of jealousy, one that you probably don’t even know is there. We all love being on vacation. We love traveling and we love discovering the world, seeing things that others have not seen before. And when we see someone else has already done that before us, we feel a sense of jealousy. You can actually test this out! Say, for instance, that you have been on a Nile Cruise, and one of your friends has at well. They will love looking through your pictures with you, because they can share the experience with you and recognize elements. And maybe, if they’re lucky, they will have seen something that you didn’t see. If you now show the same album to someone who has not been on a Nile Cruise, you will instantly find that they seem less interested in your pictures.

Now, your goal will not be to make other people jealous of your fantastic trip. You simply want to share your experience. One way to do that, is by better organizing the pictures you had. You should categorize them in ways that are easy to recognize. Some examples include:

  • Markets.
  • Everyday living.
  • Buskers.
  • Artists.
  • Food.
  • Windows.
  • People.
  • Roofs.
  • Fire hydrants.

These may seem like some very odd categories, but they are things that everybody knows. Everybody has been to a market, lives their lives, has given money to a busker, enjoyed an artist, eaten food, looked through windows, put their clothes on, and so on. This means that they have something to compare things to. They can look at your experience and put it side by side with their own. They can marvel at how different certain things are, but also enjoy finding the similarities. What you have done, in a sense, is made them a part of your holiday and this also means they will take far greater enjoyment in seeing your holiday snaps.