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2 Steps to Properly Cleaning Your Gun

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Cleaning Your Gun

Cleaning your gun is perhaps the most important means of protecting its functionality and worth since a well-maintained gun will last years longer and be loads safer than an ill-maintained one. Whether you tote a handgun in a ccw jacket or sling a double-barrel shotgun over your shoulder while hunting, here are 3 easy tips to keeping your gun rust-free and protected for the many rounds to come.

Prepare Your Work Station

Properly cleaning your gun will require you to remove parts of the action and barrel to get into all the crevices. To make sure you don’t drop any tiny screws or loose parts in the process, work in a preferably non-carpeted on a large bench or table that will catch any stray parts. Be careful too, all guns have spring-loaded mechanisms in several places, most notably the magazine, so removing parts near this area can cause things to fly.

Use the Proper Tools

Most guns can easily be cleaned with just 3 basic things: a towel, a brush-rod, and bore solvent. The latter can be found at nearly any sporting goods store that carries guns for sale and aside from being a great cleaner, bore solvent can reduce rust. Use the towel and a bit of solvent to clean off any dirt on the metal surfaces, steering clear of the stock and/or hand grip because you don’t want to damage the wood or plastic. Dab a little more on the brush-rod and ream out the bits of gunpowder left behind in the barrel. Use a stiff wire one at first to really scrape clean the inside, then finish with a clean cloth to remove excess solvent.

Remember to do these 2 easy steps after any period of significant use or if you plan to move your gun into storage. This will keep it safe, clean, and functioning for years to come.


Music With an Old School Feel

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Old School Music

If you grew up listening to Mos Def and Jurrasic Five, then you probably have trouble finding similar sounds on radio stations today. Songs that top the hip-hop charts tend to have fewer instruments and more expletives than the conscious rappers of the past. But, there are some artists who have been successful in blending old school and new school music Albany NY. For those searching for a message in today’s music, you don’t need to go far. You just need to dig a little deeper.


Logic was born in Maryland in 1990. He released many mixtapes before his first studio album was released in 2014. Since then he has released three No. 1 albums and won two Grammy’s for his song about suicide with Alessia Cara. He credits many old-school rappers for his love of rap music, including Outcast and Kanye West. His flow and musicality are reminiscent of hip hop from the ’80s. After the release of his last album in 2020, Logic announced he would be retiring. Some are skeptical about this and expect him to continue to be involved in music behind the scenes.

Childish Gambino

Donald Glover, known as Childish Gambino, started his career in television. He has been a writer and actor in many successful shows like 30 Rock and Atlanta. He released his first studio album in 2011. He is most known for his song about racism, “This Is America”, which earned him 4 Grammy awards. Childish Gambino blends an impressive amount of talent with current controversial topics, cementing his place as a voice for the generation.

J. Cole

J. Cole is a songwriter, producer and rapper. He quickly gained recognition after releasing his first studio album in 2011, which went to the top of the Billboard charts. J. Cole’s heart and soul shows in his music. His experience writing for artists in different genres enhances the musical quality of his raps. J. Cole uses his platform to help many new artists and also founded a non-profit called Dreamville Foundation.


So, You Want To Be a Professional Musician

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Since childhood, countless individuals have dreamed of superstardom, yet few commit to their craft enough to ever fulfill such fantasies. Master musicianship is the active pursuit of turning raw talent into marketable skills. If you’re willing to work hard, here are three steps for honing your creative chops.

Professional Musician

Developing Discipline

If you want to go pro, you need to be exceptional. This level of artistry can only be accomplished through practice, practice, practice. Devote at least an hour every day for this purpose, and treat this time as sacred.

Spending Time in the Studio

A recording studio is the ultimate resource for refining your sound. Getting some serious studio time under your belt is the best way to really learn the music production Lebanon PA process.

Expert recording engineers can help you realize your artistic vision. Moreover, professional studios possess premium production equipment. Access to top-of-the-line tools may open your mind to incredible new possibilities.

Studio rates are commonly calculated on an hourly basis. Musicians can save money by booking several back-to-back sessions.

Building Your Brand

Once you’ve found your sound, there’s still the matter of marketing. Self-promotion may not be your forte, but unless you can afford an agent, you’ll have to handle this business yourself.

Whereas previous generations relied on record companies, online platforms such as CD Baby, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube allow creators to upload and monetize content for a worldwide audience. On the other hand, live local audiences are not to be shunned. Sign up for area open mic nights, and don’t shy from playing gigs in churches, coffee shops, bars and other community venues. Personal publicity is a tried and tested means of boosting your reputation, plus a chance to sell some merchandise on the side.

The road to fame is long and runs entirely uphill. Thankfully, new media landscapes have leveled the playing field for artists of all stripes. With unswerving passion and persistence, the world may one day recognize your musical ability.


Make Your Own Music on the Go

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Do you love travel and music? Technology makes it easy to listen to music on the road, and you may even plan a trip around dates and venues to see professionals and emerging artists perform live. However, what if you want to make your own music as you explore new environs? Bring a musical instrument along with you! In fact, a vacation may be the best time to start learning to play a new instrument. There are several options available for experienced and novice players. Most fall into three general categories: string, wind, and percussion.

Music on the Go

String Instruments

Some travelers may produce the sound of the islands on ukuleles, or pluck traditional sounds on mandolins. Many guitar players love the option of toting acoustic travel guitars as they journey around the world. Imagine strumming old favorites or composing original works gathered around campfires from mountains to beaches.

Wind Instruments

Many wind instruments are intrinsically portable. Of course, flute players have it easier than trombonists! Flutists and aspiring flutists even have a mini version, the piccolo, available to take on the road. At half the size and an octave higher, piccolos offer sweet bird-like melodies. Smaller still are familiar-sounding harmonicas and less-familiar, mysterious-sounding ocarinas. Slide either of these in a pocket and pull it out to liven the trek wherever you go.


You probably don’t want to haul a whole drum set around with you on your travels. Consider a single drum like a small djembe. Like a magnet, its sound can draw an audience and encourage new friendships. Other possibilities include thumb pianos (modern versions of traditional African mbira) and spoons — yes, it’s possible to play music with your utensils (just don’t play with your food).

Making music while traveling regionally, nationally, and internationally can enhance your adventures. Consider these instrument options and others to bring a smile to your face, connect with your traveling companions, and up your chances of meeting new people along the way.


Ways Music Keeps You Healthy

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No matter what your age, your brain can benefit from listening to and learning about music. Even if you can’t carry a tune, you can still help yourself stay healthy and fit with music. Challenge yourself to listen to a new genre of music or practice an instrument a couple of times this month.

Music Keeps You Healthy

Memory Function

Music helps your brain neurons connect and reconnect. The older you get, the fewer brain cells you have, so it’s important to keep yourself engaged. There is a reason the ABC song helped you learn your letters. Your brain is often able to process information more efficiently if there is a musical component. That doesn’t mean you have to study circle theory Rockford IL to reap the benefits. Next time you need to remember a grocery list or phone number, sing it to yourself.

Anxiety Levels

Many people listen to soothing music while they fall asleep. Musical therapy studies suggest that listening to certain types of music can lower your anxiety levels and put you in a better mood. Jazz, classical music and drumming all have been shown to help people with depression. If listening to a certain song can conjure sad memories, then the opposite is also true. Keep a playlist of songs that make you happy, and when you feel your blood pressure rising, stick with what makes you feel better.

Exercise Intensity

Research has shown that working out with music helps you exercise longer. Professional athletes often use specific songs to get pumped up before a game. Put yourself to the test. Load 30 minutes of slow songs and 30 minutes of fast-paced songs onto two separate playlists. Take two walks during the duration of the songs and see if you haven’t walked farther with the fast songs playing.

However you incorporate music into your life, you’re sure to benefit from it. There are plenty of studies that tout the positives of learning and listening to music. You don’t need to become a professional musician or even sing in key to profit from the notes.