Drinks You Can Find In Tequila Mockingbird

Having a well blended beverage after a long day of work can help someone relax and let go of stress. For those who enjoy reading best selling and classic novels, there are many fun drink recipes in the book Tequila Mockingbird. They take simple ingredients that are easily available at the store. Here are a few concoctions that should be sampled soon. 

Tim Federle


This drink, which is part of the book authored by Tim Federle, is dedicated to Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. The recipe is found in the section dedicated to women and involves tequila and lime to create the popular drink. It also led to the title of the sequel to Tequila Margarita which offers even more drinks names from classic literature. The formula is displayed with an attractive illustration and amusing text that coordinates with the ingredients. The beverage can be prepared in a glass designed for it or even a plastic cup normally meant for beer and soft drinks. This is a great treat to serve to visiting friends when they come to dinner and accompanies spicy food well. 


The recipes in this book cater to men as well. One selection, The Last Of the Mojitos, uses mint, soda, lime, and rum to create the concoction. Based on the classic novel, Last Of the Mohicans written by James Fenimore Cooper, it gives a unique twist on the sophisticated drink. It is a beverage that can be enjoyed alone while reading a good book, or to be shared with close friends while having a conversation. Have a tall glass on hand to pour the final product into before serving it. A sprig of mint finishes it off perfectly. Depending on the temperature of the day, it might be advisable to add some ice cubes as well to keep it cool and refreshing. 

Snacks To Go With Drinks

Along with creative beverages, this book also includes some treats that can be served with them. The Devil Egg Wears Prada, named after the novel and the movie produced by Lauren Weisberger. Using boiled eggs, this snack can be put together and served at the next book club meeting. It accompanied several other literary based hors d’oeuvres recipes that can be quickly prepared and offered to guests. Be sure to store them in a cool place until visitors arrive. Due to the contents, they can spoil rapidly. There should also be many made because they will go fast. 

Why Do You Need a Music Synchronization License?

When you’re creating a new music video, the last thing you want to worry about is licensing. But did you know that to use copyrighted music in your video legally, you need to obtain a synchronization license? This article will explain what synchronization licenses are and how to get them. Stay legal and stay creative!

Music Sync Licensing

What is a Music Synchronization License?

Music sync licensing is a form of legal permission that allows you to synchronize your project (such as a video) with copyrighted music. It’s important to note that this process, known as “matching,” can’t be done by just anyone—you need an expert who has the right kind of license for the job.

What Does a Synchronization License Cover?

A synchronization license allows you to use copyrighted music owned by another party in your project, but it doesn’t mean that you can use any piece of music for free. The terms of the synchronization license depend on the business arrangement between the parties involved. They usually take one of the following two forms:

1. Exclusive Rights

Here, the licensor grants a single party a temporary monopoly on a particular type of use. For example, if you were to obtain an exclusive rights synchronization license for your music video, you would be the only person legally allowed to distribute that video with that particular song. This arrangement will typically come with a set of usage terms, such as how long you can use the video and where it can appear.

2. Non-Exclusive Rights

With this type of arrangement, anyone can use the music in your project—so long as they obtain their synchronization license that covers their specific use. For example, even if you have a non-exclusive synchronization license, someone else can still obtain a separate non-exclusive license for the same song.

Benefits of a Synchronization License

Here are some of the best reasons to obtain a synchronization license for your project:

Maximize Your Reach

A sync license allows you to reach audiences far beyond what you can do yourself. Let’s say that you have an excellent video with a fantastic song, but that song belongs to someone else—so it’s blocked from being posted. With a sync license, you can unblock the use of that song and get your video in front of millions more people.

Expand Your Creative Control

A sync license provides you with the freedom to use any piece of music you want for your project. You don’t have to settle for just one tune—you’re free to test out multiple tracks, which means that you can pick the best song for your video.

Save Money on Production Costs

It costs a lot of money to produce quality videos. While some musicians are eager to work with up-and-coming artists (for exposure or other reasons), they might not be willing to give away their music for free. With a sync license, you can do the legally-correct thing and pay them for the use of their music—and they might even be willing to negotiate with you on price.

Many of today’s best music videos only exist because the creators could get the rights to use certain pieces of music. You can obtain a sync easily, cheaply, and legally—so there is no reason not to go through the proper channels when doing your own projects.

How To Choose the Safest Bug Spray for Pets

Getting rid of mosquitoes and ticks without leaving your yard keeps you safe and helps protect your pet. Unfortunately, there isn’t a super-effective way to do that without using bug spray. Before you use any bug spray, here are a few things to consider to choose the safest bug spray for your pets.

pet safe bug spray

Know The Active Ingredients in Your Bug Sprays and How They Work

The two most common bug sprays are synthetic chemicals and natural ingredients. The main thing to remember with any spray is that once it’s on something, you’re stuck with it for a few days. In other words, whatever you put on your pets will be staying there for a while – so make sure that whatever chemical or natural ingredient you choose doesn’t have any negative effects on them.

Choose A Bug Spray with Minimal Ingredients

Chemical-based bug sprays tend to have more chemicals than natural ones. The fewer chemicals there are in something, the better it usually is for you (and your pets). So before buying any bug spray, please do some research on its ingredients and how safe they are. Also, check out websites that rate chemical sprays based on their safety levels.

Look For a Spray-On Repellent with All-Natural Ingredients

Several brands make natural bug spray with no chemicals whatsoever, which makes them very safe for you and your pets. Remember that pet safe bug spray doesn’t include any harsh chemicals; they can take longer to work, especially if it’s windy outside. If you’re looking for a bug spray that works quickly and works well, you might want to stick with the natural sprays.

Check Out Other Products Designed Specifically for Pets

Bug collars aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they’re still a great way to keep insects away from your pet’s face and nose. In addition to bug collars, some other products are designed specifically for pets that repel bugs, such as shampoos, wipes, or oils you can apply on their fur directly.

So those are several things to consider when choosing the safest bug spray for your pets. Remember, once it’s on them, it will stay there for a few days. So, choose something that won’t negatively affect them and doesn’t consist of harsh chemicals whenever possible.

What To Look For When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an assisted living facility can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. With this in mind, here are some tips for choosing an assisted living facility.

1: Location matters

The area where the facility is located will play a big role in determining how close your loved ones will be to you and what opportunities they have to interact with the rest of the community.

2: What are they capable of doing?

Assisted living facilities are generally categorized by levels. Levels indicate how much help someone needs in order to perform various activities, which can vary from dressing themselves to showering to administering medication. Keep in mind that your loved ones might still be independent enough to live at home with some adjustments, like having someone come over every couple of days to help.

3: Visit the facility

It’s always a good idea to visit the assisted living facility where your loved one will be living. For example, places like St. Octoberine assisted living allow you to visit first, but it’s always a good idea to check with the facility to be sure.

4: Ask the right questions

Here are some example questions you could ask a representative from an assisted living facility:

– What is your staff-to-resident ratio? The lower the number, the better. Try to look for a 1 or 2 to 1 ratio.

– How often do you have an activity schedule? Assisted living facilities that have a high number of activities for their residents are usually the best.

– Will I be able to bring pets with me into my loved one’s living quarters? Some places allow you to bring in a pet, but it’s good to double-check before.

Armed with information, you’ll be able to make an educated, well-thought-out decision.

How To Plan a Great Family Reunion

Do you look forward all year to your family reunion? Do you love spending time with loved ones you haven’t seen all year but wish that the gathering wasn’t always the same? Instead of doing the same gathering at a park or a family member’s house, change it up and do something different. Here is how you can plan a fantastic family reunion. 

T-Shirt Company

Change the Location

Just because you have a lot of people getting together doesn’t mean that you can’t do something fun. For your next reunion, do something more interesting like visiting the zoo or aquarium or spend the day at the beach. You can let people break off into smaller groups and do their own thing for a few hours before everyone meets back up for lunch. 

If you choose to go somewhere that charges an admission fee, make sure you call ahead to find out if you can get a discount on tickets. Many places offer significant discounts when you come in with large groups. Make sure everyone in your family knows to be at the location at the same time to ensure you get the discount. 

Design Special T-Shirts

When you have large numbers of family members together, you want to make everyone easy to identify in public settings. You can do this by designing unique t-shirts for each family member to wear. Choose a bright, fun color and design a funny, unique picture or saying for the back. You can work with a T-Shirt company to help finalize and print your design. Not only will your family love them, but they’ll also have a special memento for years to come.

Cater The Food

Making a potluck lunch is always nice to help reduce the strain of having a few people do the cooking, but you likely get tired of eating your grandma’s famous mashed potatoes every year. Take the stress off of everyone by choosing to have the food catered by a local restaurant. Choose a restaurant where everyone can find food they love and want to eat.