All About Cheek Surgery by Stein Plastic Surgery

Stein Plastic Surgery  ran by Dr Adam Stein of Raleigh NC carries out an abundance of consultations and surgeries on your face and neck. Dr Stein has seen incredible transformations as a result.  It is very surprising just how different you will look if your cheeks lose volume or you suffer a broken cheek bone. The cheeks give your face structure; pretty people are referred to as having great bone structure. Without good, strong cheek bones, your face can look sullen or moody. Jowls may appear and you could become very unhappy with your appearance. Cheeks on your face balance out your other features, other features may look pronounced without a good cheek structure and your face may also look significantly more wrinkled. So how is this procedure done and what could you achieve by getting cheek surgery?

The surgery uses a specially created solution called Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring mineral that is water absorbent, the formula is injected into a cannula and then is injected into an area below your skin. This is done by plastic surgeons like Dr Adam Stein of Raleigh, North Carolina.

One of Dr Stein’s most rated and positively reviewed skills, is creating a look that is very natural. He doesn’t like his work to be too angular, he goes for subtle elegance.

Dr Adam Stein will talk you through every part of the process. You will have several consultations with Dr Stein on his Raleigh premises. Dr Stein will offer you several opportunities to ask as many questions as you would like to Dr Stein and the team. Once you fully understand the process Dr Stein will encourage you to research him and his work, in doing so you will seek all of the positive reviews and comments he has got for being a remarkable surgeon. You can read his five star ratings which explain the positive surgical experiences that his clients have undergone. They talk about his great after care and the expertise of the health care professionals at Stein Plastic Surgery.

From his premises in Raleigh NC, Dr Stein will also explain the aftercare procedure to you. He will confirm that you will need a few days bed rest and a couple of weeks off work. He may recommend that someone stays with you for the first 24 or 48 hours as your movement will be restricted through this time. He will emphasise that you will have to take care in the shower and avoid washing or scrubbing your face for the first week. Dr Stein will also confirm that you should not do any vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for a couple of months as your body will still be recovering from the effects of the anaesthetic.

Dr Stein will be able to speak to you at any point in the process. He will be available to settle any fears or concerns that you may have. When you are all healed and have returned to work, Dr Stein confirms that you will see the best results after a few months.

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