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A Bucket List for At-Home Adventures

If staying home this spring wasn’t part of your original plans, you may be trying to come up with some alternative activities. Many people around the world are also social distancing. Live events have been postponed or canceled. Sporting events, movie theaters, and many destination locations have closed their doors for until further notice. When the same four walls are starting to be too familiar, how can you bring a bit of fun into your life?

Make a Pillow and Blanket Fort

Gather together your coziest pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals to create a family-sized fort. Turn down the lights and pull out some of your favorite stories. This comfy setting is the perfect spot to enjoy some of the remaining cold days of the year. Don’t forget to snuggle together for hugs. Maybe have an immediate-family-only sleepover to complete the activity.

Host a Virtual Party Night

Download some online group games. Put a few new apps on your phone. Hook up some cameras for virtual team building activities. If you love getting together with friends and family for game nights, bake up some cookies and then boot up your computers. There are a lot of board games you can download and play with online allies and opponents.

Binge-Watch a New Series

Maybe you’re feeling a little stressed while trying to work from home and keep up with your kids’ new homeschool assignments. Schedule a day for watching a new television program. Pull out the easy meals and focus on resting your minds and bodies. Don’t forget to take a few breaks and get at least a little bit of exercise. If you have to, spend a couple of minutes outside with your favorite e cigarette juice.

Plan a Campfire, Complete With Ghost Stories

If you already have a backyard fire pit, you’re ready to go. Pull out some hot dogs and marshmallows. Gather your outside blankets and settle in for some great campfire stories and songs. For those who can’t go outside, set up a battery-powered candle, lay out your picnic blanket, and enjoy the same activities while inside.

Visit Museums, Theatres, and Authors

For the next few months, you may have access to operas, orchestral performances, famous museums, and other fine arts events you wouldn’t otherwise have. Break your virtual trips up by location and prepare some recipes to reflect the city. Read up on the culture and/or history surrounding the events and their communities. A virtual visit to the Louvre isn’t exactly like visiting it in person, but for a limited time, you can visit for free. Don’t forget to check out access to zoos, wildlife parks, movies, and live-streamed concerts.

Although life is certainly different from what many expected, there are still ways to find enjoyment and entertainment. Create your own at-home bucket list, and then share some of your ideas.

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