4 Tips for a Better Pep Rally

Some students feel alienated by pep rallies because they’re not invested in sports or other activities that are generally celebrated at these events. By appealing to broader interests, even the more cynical students may find themselves inclined to cheer. 

Tips for a Better Pep Rally

Expand the Spotlight

Invite the school band to perform some contemporary hits everyone can sing along to. You can also lend the stage to extracurricular clubs to perform skits and segments to entertain or educate. This might also be a good time to hold a school-wide talent show.

Give the Gift of Swag

If you’ve got some money to burn, you can have custom tee shirts made to match your rally theme or school colors. An air-powered launcher can add a bit of a thrill and randomness to distributing them to the crowd. Make sure whoever is tasked with the operation is trained to handle it safely and knows which air launcher accessories are appropriate for the item being launched. 

Let the Staff Play

Having a staff-wide game of dodgeball or touch football is an easy way to get students on their feet and cheering. If more rigorous athletics aren’t a good fit for your staff, games like Horse can still generate huge interest from the crowd. Similarly, a spelling bee or trivia quiz can lead to good-natured laughs, especially when you ask about things the teachers may not know, such as current trends and popular musicians.

Don’t Get Too Peppy

Most schools hold only five pep rallies a year. If you have more than that you might get more eye-rolling than cheering due to oversaturation. You want pep rallies to be a fun break from the daily grind, not something students have to slog through. 

Don’t just make everyone gather for a half-hearted clap. By being more inclusive you can show that school spirit isn’t just about who can throw a ball the furthest, but supporting each other.

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