3 Tips To Prepare for an Acting Audition

In the acting world, an audition is roughly analogous to a job interview in other industries. However, a lot of the generic advice you hear about job interviews does not apply to an audition. Here are some tips specific to your profession to help you get the part. 

1. Get a Headshot

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In many careers, it would be highly irregular to include a photograph of yourself with your resume, but it is standard practice in the entertainment industry. It helps the casting directors to match your face to your name to see if they can imagine you in the role. Find a good headshot photographer Erie PA and get several different poses so that you have choices when it comes time to show your headshot to others. 

2. Dress the Part

In other industries, job candidates are told to dress for the job they want. In the entertainment industry, dressing for the part you want at the audition can help you stand out from the crowd. For example, if the show you are auditioning for takes place at a wedding, come to the audition in formalwear. Research the show beforehand so you know what kind of clothing is appropriate. 

3. Read the Material You Are Given

The material you will read for the audition is often provided to you beforehand. You receive a scene that includes your part as well as those of the other characters in the scene. Don’t make the mistake of looking at just your part. Read the entire scene so you understand what is happening and how you will react to the other performers. Don’t forget the stage directions; they provide vital clues as to what you will be doing. 

When the audition involves previously unpublished material, producers can be very protective of it to prevent it from leaking to the public. If this is the case, you may not receive audition materials beforehand. You may only receive a couple of lines of dialogue, and then only after you have signed a nondisclosure agreement. Obviously, the tip to read your material beforehand does not apply in this situation. 

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