3 Tips for Planning an Out of Town Wedding

Traveling can be extremely romantic, especially if you and your loved one have a meaningful place you share that you enjoy visiting. If you want to plan an out of town wedding to share that meaning with friends and family, here are three tips to get you started.

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Build a Wedding Website.

A website will help your out of town guests plan their trip to your wedding. You can include a list of recommended hotels, restaurants, and fun things to do, so that your guests can have a vacation of their own. Most of your guests will be tourists, so you can do the research for them and create a list of local attractions to explore. Don’t forget to consider what guests of all ages would like to do too.

Hire Group Transportation.

Transportation can be a tricky thing when planning a destination wedding. Be sure to hire wedding party transportation Scranton for the big day. This way your bridal party and immediate family can be shuttled to and from the ceremony and reception back to their hotels at the end of the party. If you have the means to do it, hiring transportation for your whole invited group is a nice gesture.

Include Everyone.

An out of town wedding is a vacation for your invited guests, so you should do your best to include them in any wedding events that lead up to or follow the big event. This could include a rehearsal cocktail party, rather than an expensive dinner, or a brunch that takes place the morning after the big day. You will have plenty of time to celebrate privately with your new spouse, and remember that weddings are also all about sharing your day with your loved ones.

Out of town weddings can be a wonderful experience for you, your family, and your friends to create new memories together.

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