3 Tips for Avoiding a Brief Career in Real Estate

Passing your real estate licensing test is a big deal, but your career requires much more than a basic knowledge of the industry. One of the unfortunate realities of choosing a career in real estate is that statistics say 87% of agents will fail within the first five years and leave the field. To get your business on its feet and jumpstart your career, here are three things successful agents do.

They Develop an Online Presence

About 82% of buyers and investors start looking for a property online. If you want to grab their attention, then you need to be online too. While you can have social media accounts that you manage, you really need a professionally designed website with content that will rank high in search results. This is what makes your investment into these services effective, and ultimately, cost-efficient.

They Rely on Multiple Marketing Tools

There are a lot of ways to market yourself and services, but you need to get creative if you are going to stand out from the competition. Postcard ideas for real estate marketing include recipe cards, gardening tips, and local attractions. Offer 3D virtual tours or host Q&As on your social media platforms. Become an expert in your field and let your marketing strategies reflect this experience and passion for real estate.

They Find Qualified Leads

You will run yourself ragged chasing every lead you get. Not that they aren’t worth the effort, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Rely on lead generation tools rather than your broker’s advertisement or a referral from friends and family. Consistent leads will grow your business, but these leads need to be high quality.

These three practices can keep you from giving up on a career in real estate. It does take some time to build your network and get your name out there, but if you can develop a solid online presence and creative marketing strategies, you can see results a lot sooner.

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