3 Challenges Faced by Lefties

Lefties guitar

Some of your closest family, friends and neighbors are likely sinistromanual. If that notion leaves you scratching your head, pay attention to which hand is doing the scratching. If it’s the left, you may be among them. While sinistromanualism may sound like a disease or psychological condition, it’s actually just the case of being left-handed. Around 10% of the world’s population is southpaw, and while it can make you rich if you’re a big-league baseball pitcher, it’s more often a source of frustration. In a world made for right-handers, many everyday activities become more complicated for lefties. Here are some examples.

Using Scissors

Cutting with scissors seems like a simple task, and it is if you’re a right-hander. The product’s design limits its effectiveness for lefties, however, and the unique handle design negates the opportunity to comfortably use them upside-down. Specially designed models are available which have reversed blades that allow for clean and easy left-handed cutting.

Playing Instruments

Trumpets, guitars and violins are just a few of the musical instruments that can be difficult for left-handers to master. Fortunately, some companies offer left-handed models so that no one is kept from the joy of making music. In fact, some of the biggest names in pop music history are left-handed. So, if your child dreams of being the next David Bowie, Paul McCartney or Paul Simon, don’t hesitate and start looking for left handed electric guitars for sale.

Getting Dressed

Many individuals dress in the morning without even thinking about it, but it’s not so simple for left-handers. Clothes fasteners are especially problematic, which left-handed ladies know all too well. Most women’s clothes are designed with left-sided buttons, a tradition that dates to the Victorian era. And while at first glance, zippers seem like a more equitable solution, its flap on jeans and coats opens to the right, requiring more reaching and maneuvering by lefties.

Some studies have indicated that left-handed individuals may be smarter than right-handers. It’s no surprise given the extra work and ingenuity they must put into many otherwise simple tasks.

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