3 Avenues Where Online Reputation Repair is a Must

If one were to wind back the clock a decade or so, the term online reputation didn’t really exist. Sure, companies had websites, and websites that drove plenty of traffic for that matter. However, that was as far as it went – and it’s only in recent times that a company’s entire reputation can be carved through its appearance on the internet.

All of the above why reputation repair services are now very much high in-demand. Agencies have started to realise just how much demand there is for services that can correct a company’s reputation, or at least hide the negative stuff a little more out of sight.

This is the reason today’s post has been put together. Let’s now take a look at some of the occasions when a company might need to tap into such a service, in a bid to repair their fortunes.


Reason #1 – Bad reviews

Review sites are something that pretty much everyone uses nowadays. At the start, they may have been limited to reviews on platforms like Amazon, but there’s no doubt that this has grown to other areas over recent times.

For example, most companies have their own pages set up on Trustpilot, or a similar alternative.

If a company has excellent reviews on these platforms, it stands to reason that it’s going to do their business the world of good. However, as soon as several negative ones start to enter the picture, things start to change. This is where potential customers really can be put off – particularly if the review site in question is starting to rank high on Google searches for brand terms.

Reason #2 – Bad press

Another reason to call the experts is when bad press occurs. Once upon a time, this might have been something of a “current” problem. In other words, the immediate effects of a negative story naturally wouldn’t have been good, but over time this would have been offset.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily occur. Instead, if a company has been subjected to negative press, there’s every chance that this will stay with them for an eternity. If it is the type of story that gathers a lot of attention, a simple Google search for their brand can unearth a whole host of articles which the business doesn’t want to be visible to potential customers.

Again, it’s one of those situations where the internet has simply exaggerated the effects that a business receives.

Reason #3 – Hate sites

It might sound farfetched, but believe us – it happens. Some customers can feel so aggrieved with some companies, that they just decide to take matters into their own hands and set up a website that documents their entire, negative experience.

Again, if these sites gather enough traction, they can start to rank very well for company brand search terms. This is something that can also have severely negative effects on the company in question and their ability to attract new custom.

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