2 Steps to Properly Cleaning Your Gun

Cleaning Your Gun

Cleaning your gun is perhaps the most important means of protecting its functionality and worth since a well-maintained gun will last years longer and be loads safer than an ill-maintained one. Whether you tote a handgun in a ccw jacket or sling a double-barrel shotgun over your shoulder while hunting, here are 3 easy tips to keeping your gun rust-free and protected for the many rounds to come.

Prepare Your Work Station

Properly cleaning your gun will require you to remove parts of the action and barrel to get into all the crevices. To make sure you don’t drop any tiny screws or loose parts in the process, work in a preferably non-carpeted on a large bench or table that will catch any stray parts. Be careful too, all guns have spring-loaded mechanisms in several places, most notably the magazine, so removing parts near this area can cause things to fly.

Use the Proper Tools

Most guns can easily be cleaned with just 3 basic things: a towel, a brush-rod, and bore solvent. The latter can be found at nearly any sporting goods store that carries guns for sale and aside from being a great cleaner, bore solvent can reduce rust. Use the towel and a bit of solvent to clean off any dirt on the metal surfaces, steering clear of the stock and/or hand grip because you don’t want to damage the wood or plastic. Dab a little more on the brush-rod and ream out the bits of gunpowder left behind in the barrel. Use a stiff wire one at first to really scrape clean the inside, then finish with a clean cloth to remove excess solvent.

Remember to do these 2 easy steps after any period of significant use or if you plan to move your gun into storage. This will keep it safe, clean, and functioning for years to come.

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