10 Ridiculously Fresh Boy Haircuts 2018

Boy haircuts are just so many than you can actually exhaust! From short curly strands to long spiky locks and anything between these two, you can select any of the styles that will be suitable for the hair type of your little boy and his attitude.

To make the task easy for you, here we have a compilation of the ten trendiest boy haircuts and you can be guaranteed, you can’t miss the favourite one here for your boy. Good luck!

10 Ridiculously Fresh Boy Haircuts 2018


  1. Fresh Combover

This will be the freshest choice for the common combover haircuts that are trendiest right now. The extra style can be boosted by the tattoo on the hair and creating some additional hard part. It is ideal style for men and boys of any age.

  1. Fresh Gentleman’s Cut

This is a boy cut type with hard part and boosted freshness. Ideal for boys with normal or thick textured hair. If you don’t need to spend more time styling your boy’s hair, go for this style. The look is low maintenance.

  1. Textured Top for Boys

The hairstyle is texturized at the upper section of the hair. The graduation of the hair blended with modern sharpness makes this style a killer one. It works magic on both older and younger boys.

  1. Surfer Shag

This will keep you feeling fresh during the hot weather. The fascinating thing about it is its texture, the simplicity, versatility and its appearance when you go to the beach! It is universal wear to most boys but it will appear for those with fine curly to straight hair.

  1. Cool Guy Undercut

To achieve these boy haircuts, the hair on both sides and at the back is cut with a scissor leaving the top longer and layered. This leaves a boy with various possibilities to style the top hair to suit his personality. For example, the hair can be side worn into a pompadour or slicked among other options.

  1. Clean Fade

This is most preferred to boys with natural hair curls. It is styled downwards while leaving the upper part messy or dressed up with some product.

And because it is for the child, the hair should be swept away from the face, while leaving it sized enough for styling if appropriate to do so for special events.

  1. Complicated Gent

This is most sophisticated and versatile for the boy haircuts that you can really have great fun with. There are numerous ways in which you can style it up, hence making styling it at home very easy.

  1. Modern Mohawk

This list can’t be complete without this haircut! Its design purely depends on the styling method. It can be sassy, edgy clean or rhythmic.

  1. Active Style

It is a scissor comb and tight technique merged into a mixed top. Can be worn in various ways such as down, up or add sans product. Either way, it will look modish and supercut. Ideal for active and style enthusiasts.

  1. High Skin Fade

The top is natural and has a clean line. Admired because of its simplicity and ease of styling. It is a cool appeal and trendy style for the modern days.

10 Ridiculously Fresh Boy Haircuts 2018


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