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Spent the Day at a Party

I got the invitation from my boss, although it was not so that I could drink and have fun. He knows very well that I used to work for a fancy restaurant when I was in college, in fact I learned almost enough to be called a chef. In fact I never really liked it, mostly because of the constant yelling. It seems like everyone was always shouting at everyone. At any rate this friend of his had moved into the new Parc life Executive Condos, a huge new complex with a big park around it. I assume that all of the land is not really suitable for development, but they have a bunch of water in it. At any rate they were having a party for about thirty five or forty rich people, trying to sell them on some sort of investment. My boss had something to do with it and so he promised them that I would do the catering, although he did not expect me to want to be paid it would seem. That was hardly the case and I made it pretty clear.

At any rate I did not really work that hard on the job. I sublet a part of it, because I knew where to get it done for a relatively slight cost. It was all easy work, because I just made these sandwiches that look a lot fancier than they really are. At any rate you can make them very easily and no one complained about it. Several of the ladies came back in the kitchen and asked me how it was done. I was back there playing poker with these three drivers for pocket change. It only took up about three hours of my day and I ended up getting a nice tip for the task.

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