Silly Art That Sold for Millions

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Silly Art That Sold for Millions

For the past hundred years or so, “modern art” has changed the boundaries of what is considered beautiful. By a mile. Now, we are no art experts, but we know what we like – and we do not like these paintings. They might have been sold for millions and millions of dollars, but money can’t buy taste. Just sayin’.

The lure of owning an original work by a famous artist, however, outweighs the price … and, uh, any logic for some people.

Who ever said the art world made sense? The following paintings are worth an amazing amount of cash, but we don’t think they should be – all the more fun to pick them apart as self-appointed critics.

  1. Mark Rothko’s No 1

We’re not sure why the artist even created this painting, which consists of nothing more than three variously colored boxes on a reddish background. Is this not the kind of work that kindergarteners do after snack time? Blue rectangle. Check. Orangey-red rectangle. Check. And throw a pink rectangle in for good measure. Great. You’re done! You know one of your shapes! Now you graduate to first grade! Parents, take note: This means, of course, that even your young children could earn you the $75.1 million this piece sold for.

  1. Willem de Kooning’s Woman III

You’ll be happy to know that your kindergartener can move beyond painting mere rectangles and graduate to painting human(oid) figures. Kooning’s female(ish) figure does look like the more mature work of a five- or six-year-old. Some will say that a young child could definitely do a better job of capturing the essence of a feminine figure than Kooning, who was around 50 when he painted it. We wonder what he was on, and whether he had impaired eyesight. Still, the work is worth more than $137 million. That’s enough cash to offer free eyeglasses to the populations of multiple small countries. Any recipient whose sight is restored shouldn’t look at the painting, though. Also, we wonder what women I and II look like.

  1. False Start, by Jasper Johns

“False Start” appears to be a very fitting title. This painting looks as if it was done by a grade school child who was still asking a fit of questions regarding names of colors, aspects of design, and when snack time is. The word “white” is painted in red, and the word “orange” is stenciled in white. It also looks as if the artist painted a number of blue and dirty-white handkerchiefs randomly hanging off the canvas – perhaps after wiping his or her nose repeatedly. Nonetheless, this piece sold for $80 million. Johns would merely call us peasants for not appreciating it.

  1. Jackson Pollock’s No.5

What list of incomprehensible art would be complete without Jackson Pollock? He is the quintessential doodler. His action painting technique of dripping, dropping, pouring, and dabbing created giant finger-painting-like canvases. Recall the art projects you did when you were young; Pollock was your subconscious idol back then. Some people believe the piece looks like a bird’s nest. Others say it more resembles a housepainter’s drop cloth after he has finished an entire Victorian house multiple clashing colors. Regardless, this painting, one of Pollock’s most famous, went for $140 million. Housepainters, you could make a mint if you save your refuse.

And once you or your wunderkind is done making wonderful art, you’ll need a way to clean yourselves off. Especially if you paint like Pollock. Bath and Body Works has everything soap you could possibly need. Make sure to check out Bath and Body Works Coupons from Groupon Coupons today!





Tips for Planning a Family-Friendly Trip to Chattanooga

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Tips for Planning a Family-Friendly Trip to Chattanooga

There are quite a few reasons to consider planning a trip to Chattanooga in 2018.

First, it’s a perfect budget-friendly destination. A lot of travelers are looking outside of the more touristy and often expensive destinations so they can save money but still get unique experiences.Chattanooga is also a family-friendly, laid-back city that has a lot to offer if you have kids and you’re looking for somewhere to go that everyone will enjoy. The following are some tips for a family-friendly Chattanooga getaway in 2018.

Rent an RV

Sure, Chattanooga has some great hotels, but if you want a different experience why not rent an RV in Chattanooga? There are excellent RV parks in and around the city that cater to the needs of families. Many of the RV parks and campgrounds near Chattanooga feature plenty of grassy sites with great shade, as well as playgrounds, pools and other amenities. RVing is a perfect fit with the active, outdoor lifestyle the city is known for offering visitors and residents.

Go Downtown

Downtown Chattanooga can’t be missed if you’re taking a trip to this fun southern city. First and foremost, Downtown Chattanooga is scenic and located on the shores of the Tennessee River. There was a massive riverfront redevelopment in Chattanooga, and the area is also packed with some of the city’s best family-friendly attractions. For example, you can simply walk along the Tennessee Riverwalk, which stretches for 13 miles or you can go to the Tennessee Aquarium featuring exhibitions of both fresh and saltwater habitats. Also nearby in downtown Chattanooga is the Creative Discovery Museum, frequently named as one of the country’s best children’s museums. Another excellent downtown attraction for the whole family is Coolidge Park, which has a large green lawn and a restored historic carousel, as well as a water play area that’s active in the warmer months.

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

While you’re exploring Chattanooga, don’t forget about the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. You can take in the beautiful mountain scenery of the area on these trolley-style railcars. You can go to the observation deck of Lookout Mountain, which is the mountain’s highest overlook point.

Rock City Gardens

Rock City Gardens is one of Chattanooga’s most popular attractions, featuring a 4,100-foot path on the side of Lookout Mountain that’s actually in Georgia. There are boulders along Needle’s Eye and Fat Man’s Squeeze, and there’s a suspension bridge that hangs 180 feet in the air. The area also features a 90-foot waterfall, and the See Seven States Viewpoint, which is 1,700 feet above sea level.

Ruby Falls

Finally, yet another great sightseeing opportunity in Chattanooga that’s perfect for the whole family is Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls is just south of the downtown area of the city, and it’s located along the Tennessee River Gorge. It’s more than one-thousand feet below a mountain, and it’s the deepest commercial cave in the U.S. as well as the biggest waterfall located underground. It’s not just adventurous to take the elevator down the falls, but it’s a learning opportunity as well. You can see and learn about rock formations, go zip lining, visit the lookout tower, and there’s even a playground for the little ones.



How Vape Flavors are Affected by Not Changing Your Coils

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Every single person who vapes will need to stock up on e-liquids for their hobby. Usually consisting of food-grade ingredients that are safe for consumption, e-liquids or “juices” come in a mouthwatering selection of flavors. Not only does flavor diversity keep things exciting but also, it can be used to mimic the taste of your favorite tobacco cigarettes, thus easing the quitting-smoking process.

The flavor profile of e-liquid is combined with a base, which will either be Vegetable Glycerin (VG), diluted nicotine or Propylene Glycol (PG). Menthol, spices and even herbs, such as cannabis, can be used to create a flavorful e-juice. It is even possible to add a Cannabidiol-based (CBD) oil to a refillable tank for a pure, refined high!

If you want to ensure maximum potency when inhaling vape flavors, get into the habit of changing your coils.

How Vape Flavors are Affected by Not Changing Your Coils

What are vape coils and why do they need changing?

A handheld device that produces mist or water vapor out of a liquid known as “e-liquid” or “e-juice” will be an atomizer. You may also have heard people referring to atomizers as “vape coils”. These spiral-shaped coils increase in temperature to heat the e-liquid. Vape coils have a specific Ohm – a resistance measure.

Moderate vapers can get away with changing their coil every 2-3 weeks, whereas heavy vape users may need to replace theirs more often. A gurgling e-cigarette that tastes burnt will likely need a replacement. Once a new coil is fitted, the user can expect a more potent puff and bigger clouds of vapor.

Is it a good idea to diversify my vape flavors?

Of course! Aside from the fact it can aid you in preventing the onset of “vapers tongue”, vape flavor diversification will help you to find an e-liquid you love. You’ll notice how vaping turns into a hobby as you welcome more flavors, such as menthol, tobacco, dessert, candy and fruits.

Will each vape flavor have the same nicotine strength?

Vape juice flavor profile or “flavor pod” as it is known, will not be compromised by the nicotine level. Don’t feel as though you must increase your nicotine intake to enjoy the taste. Do, however, spend some time assessing your nicotine needs before buying vape flavors. Most smokers tend to inhale liquid that contains at least 18mg, but this is based on your personal preferences.

What brands of vape flavors are popular right now?

In addition to the brands mentioned above, the following vape brands also stock a tasty assortment of e-juices:

  • Dinner Lady – This vape brand scooped an award for Best Stand at the 2016 Vaper Expo in Birmingham. With such a diverse range of dessert-themed e-liquids, like Lemon Tart and Apple Pie, it is not surprising that this brand is enjoying such momentum.
  • Naked 100 – A well-established company based in the United States, Naked 100 prides itself on producing simple, fruity e-liquids.
  • Cosmic Fog – Many vapers throughout the US and Europe have joined Cosmic Fog’s loyal group of customers for their e-liquid refills, like Chilled Tobacco High.
  • Yami Vapor – Icy Trio, Milkgat and Butter Brew are just three examples of this brand’s delectable range of e-liquids.
  • Space Jam – The gourmet e-liquids created by this vape juice company are crafted in Orange County. A mishmash of flavors are used to keep customers coming back for more, including cantaloupe, strawberry, bubblegum peaches and mint. You can choose from products that contain nicotine and products that are nicotine-free.
  • Odyssey – If you like to mix things up and experiment with flavors, you are going to love this brand. Not only do they have a never ending e-juice selection but also, they offer custom blend options!
  • Swizzle Stix – Fat clouds of smoke will fill the air when you take a puff of Swizzle Sticks e-juices, such as the Strawberry Shortcake Premium E-Liquid.
  • Bluebird E-Liquid – Highly-rated, these e-liquids are created by carefully selecting different flavor notes and mixing them to reach new realms of deliciousness.

Getting the Most Out of Your Vape Flavors

Changing your coils is a task that will become second nature for a vaper. Make a habit of doing this if you want to enhance the vape flavors. The tool you use will affect the entire vaping experience, therefore you must take your time in choosing from the best vapes, such as the GeekVape GBOX 200W Squonk Kit or MOK ProColor 225W Vape Kit. Fewer hits means a longer lifespan, so consider increasing the nicotine strength to satisfy your cravings faster. Buying your e-liquids in bulk is a good way to get more for your money!


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How and Why to Use a GPS Tracker on a Vehicle

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Every wondered why you might want to purchase a GPS tracker? Top reasons include:

  • To be able to monitor where your child is.
  • To be able to see where your car is at, either for your personal vehicle or as part of your company fleet.
  • To be able to have a log of destinations, useful for salespeople.

Hasil gambar untuk GPS Tracker on a Vehicle

There are numerous different trackers on the market, however, which means you do have to make sure you get the one that is right for you. This really starts by asking yourself whether the location information you want to see is in real time, or whether you’re happy with some delay. This is an important question to answer, because GPS trackers come in one of two types:

  1. Historical or passive loggers. These are needed if you only need to have regular updates or daily reports.
  2. Real time or active loggers. These are needed if you have to know where the tracker is at any given moment.

What Is an Active or Real Time GPS Tracker?

Active trackers:

  • Provide new updates on locations every 10 seconds to five minutes, with the most advanced models being the quickest.
  • Come with a map interface, usually linked to Google Maps or another such service.
  • Cost a little bit more than passive trackers, although they are becoming more and more affordable.
  • Have monthly fees associated with them, with the fee varying depending on who you sign up with.
  • Provide detailed history reports that can be saved and/or printed.
  • Come with live speed alerts, giving you the ability to set a maximum speed.
  • Come with safe zone and geofending alerts, which means that you receive an alert as soon as the tracker enters an area that you have set as out of bounds.
  • Are available with rechargeable batteries, or they can be hardwired into a vehicle.

What Is a Passive or Historical GPS Tracker?

Historical trackers:

  • Do not provide you with location updates. Rather, you need to plug your tracker in to see where it has been.
  • Come with a map interface, usually linked to Google Maps or another such service.
  • Are not as expensive as active trackers, but cost does vary depending on manufacturer.
  • Do not require you to sign up to a contract. Rather, you purchase the device and you don’t have to pay anything else.
  • Come with detailed history reports, which you can print and/or save.
  • Do not offer the opportunity to receive alerts when certain speeds are exceeded, or when they enter into a zone that you have marked as unsafe.
  • Are powered with rechargeable batteries.

As you can see, there are some differences between the two options. Clearly, overall, the active logger provides you with the most accurate and detailed information and it enables you to access this whenever and wherever you want. The downside is, however, that these trackers are also very expensive, particularly when you consider that you usually have to sign up to some sort of monthly plan.


Using Technology to Beat the Competition

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Today if you are not knee deep in tech, your business is not operating at peak efficiency. Also your competition is looking at you and salivating because you are paving a way for them to either eat you up, or eat your lunch.

So you really have no choice but to engage and to go all in. Here are some of the things you can do as your business expands and the competition nips at your heels. You will need to be moving quickly and this tech will help.

Temporary Employee Apps

If you have a business where you need to hire part time workers on an intermittent basis, but when you need them, you need them fast, there is software about that can assist you. Perhaps the best in the market is Shiftpixy. It offers clients a full service app to manage bringing on employees. Here is an explanation of the benefits of using their company by its CEO.

Scott W. Absher, CEO of ShiftPixy said: “The ShiftPixy solution allows employers to avoid mandated regulatory costs and related burdens… it saves them both time and money… which is designed to give them a competitive edge. It also gives the misclassified independent contractor workers the opportunity to receive “full time” wages and healthcare coverage… to be treated as employees… because they ARE employees… they are ShiftPixy employees! The ShiftPixy Next Gen model is a “win-win” for the GIG Economy companies and workers alike. We believe the natural evolution from the classic model of GIG workers being problematically classified as independent contractors, is our best of both worlds model… They are our employees AND also remain working as if they were still independent contractors to ShiftPixy clients”.

Low Cost Cloud Storage

Only a decade ago, the race was on to purchase as much storage for you programs and vital files as possible. There were conversations about at some point needing to have hundreds of terabytes of storage space in your office to house all of the data your company needs access to on a regular basis. But a funny thing happened along the ways to buying the memory. As the cost of memory continued to erode to the point where it is less than 50th of what it was ten years ago, businesses began to emerge that would house the data for you on their servers and allow you to gain access to it anywhere and anytime you need.

Cloud storage companies allow businesses the storage space they need on demand so they never have to worry about whether they can fit another file on their hard drives. Your files are housed on their secure servers that have redundancies in different locations and the highest security available. You access your files directly from your internet connected desktop or mobile device and can also make these stored files available to anyone in your company.

The benefits of using this service are reduced storage costs, better security for your files, remote access to all of your files and an ability to expand your storage needs on the fly. For companies that have projects where remote groups work together, cloud storage is also ideal because members can collaborate on it through the cloud.

Just as remote desktop software helps employees who are geographically spread out, to get together and share their work in virtual conferences, cloud storage allows them to bring their resources together. When employees routinely save everything that they do to the cloud instead of a local drive, every piece of work that employees may create, or every file or resource that they may need, is always within reach. From Amazon Cloud to Dropbox, several cost-effective alternatives available.